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Proper Kettlebell Movement

Many people who see a kettlebell in their local gym instantly get sweaty palms and avoid the area at all costs. Swinging a kettlebell seems like a workout that only extremely fit people can att...
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Kettlebell Workouts To Increase Physical Fitness

If you have been following our recent blog posts about how New Year’s resolutions are becoming all about getting healthy, or that we have fun and creative kettlebells for you to buy, then you a...
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Start Your Kettlebell Workouts Before The New Year Begins

You've set your fitness goals for 2014. Now you are just waiting to ring in the New Year before you get started working towards those goals. But why wait? You could get a jump start on your new...
Kettlebell Movement: The Kettlebell Lunge-Kettlebell Kings
Kettlebell Technique

Kettlebell Movement: The Kettlebell Lunge

Aaron Vyvial from Texas Kettlebell Academy, explains and demonstrates a great kettlebell movement which can be performed by beginners and experts alike. The Kettlebell Lunge can be performed w...
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What About The Lunge?

By John Parker: In sport, athletes display a high variance of movement potential. To build athleticism, strength trainers must select exercises that improve speed, power, and strength. In trad...
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Kettlebell workouts for every age and fitness level

Working out with kettlebells is something that everyone can benefit from, no matter their age or fitness level, and Kettlebell Kings offers a variety of equipment and workout ideas for everyone....
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Kettlebell Workouts for Every Fitness Level

When you're looking for a new workout routine, you may think that weightlifting is only for those dedicated people that hit the gym everyday. At Kettlebell Kings, we believe that anyone can beg...
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1.5 pood kettlebell

Wicked Stare Kettlebells

Buying equipment that you don’t use is something that everyone does when it comes to their home gym. If you’re looking to give yourself a gift that will stare right back at you, it’s time for y...
Building Your Back With Kettlebells-Kettlebell Kings
Kettlebell Workouts

Building Your Back With Kettlebells

Build Your Lats & Upper Back With Kettlebells You thought kettlebells were only for functional training? They are phenomenal for body building and aesthetic training as well. You can get s...