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What Are Weighted Vests and What are They Used for?

When we talk about workout tools and equipment which can help increase the body's strength, maximize stamina and help lose weight while working out, Weight vest plates come out on the top.

The weighted workout vest increases the overall body weight while working out, which makes a person use more force and energy, resulting in burning more calories. It also helps the person to focus more on the balance, and form and is a great way to improve your running.

What are the benefits of weighted vests?

When it comes to Weight vest plates, there are a lot of benefits, especially, if you are into running and cardio.

  • It helps to gain more muscle as it forces the muscles to work even harder during the workout. Due to this, it increases the body's strength and builds muscle mass.
  • The weighted vest for running is one of the best ways to improve running performance and overall stamina. People using the weighted vest for running and training have more than 20-30% improvement in their running performance.
  • With a weighted workout vest, your body is forced to use more energy while working out, which eventually leads to more calories being burned.
  • It also benefits the overall bone strength. It challenges the bone tissues and muscles equally,, leading to better bone density. 
  • While using a weighted workout vest, the person needs to be more careful about their posture and maintain better balance stability.

How heavy are weighted vests?

There are different types of weighted vest for women and men, which differs in weight. Typically, the weight of the weighted workout vest can range anywhere from 12-150 pounds (5.4 -68 Kg). Also, they are not like a backpack where all the weight is spread more on the back. The weighted workout vest spread all the weight evenly through the torso.

What To Consider Before Buying A Weighted Vest

Before you buy a weighted vest for running or any other physical activity, ensure that it is a weight that you can handle easily. Especially, if you are a beginner, do not get a weighted vest that is too heavy, at least not before building a little stamina and strength beforehand. Apart from that, make sure that the fit of the weighted vest for running is perfect. It should neither be too loose nor tight. Some of the Weight vest plates also come with a strap which provides a much better fit while working out.

What workouts can be done with weighted vests?

The weighted workout vest is great for both running and other physical activities. However, when combined with kettlebell training, it can really work wonders for your body. Let's have a look at some of the kettlebell workouts that can be done using a weighted workout vest.

Kettlebell Single Arm Deadlift

Simply wear your weighted vest and hold the kettlebell in one of your hands. Brace your core muscles and lift the kettlebell from the floor. It is very similar to a deadlift, instead, you will be doing it with a kettlebell. The Weight vest plates will make it harder for you to bend down and then stand again with extra body weight.

Kettlebell Halo

Wear the Weight vest plates and simply hold the kettlebell with both hands. Take the kettlebell around the neck, turning it upside down at the back of the neck. Using the weighted vest in this exercise will add more force while you roll the kettlebell behind your neck.

Kettlebell two-hand swing

It is one of the most common exercises with a kettlebell but becomes a bit difficult due to the excessive force used due to Weight vest plates. The exercise requires a thrust from the hops forward and backwards, to raise it to the chest. The lower back stays flat, which bracing the core.

FAQ: Weighted Vests

It increases the force that is used by the muscles while doing the workout. It further helps in building more muscle and improving stamina.

Yes, using a weighted workout vest brings out better results at the same time as doing it without a weighted workout vest. They are great for running and can also be used in various sports.

Start by getting a Weight vest plate with less weight, especially if you are a beginner. Later you can increase the weight of Weight vest plates with practice and experience.

Yes, it forces the muscle to exert more force while working out, which leads to better and bigger muscle mass.

Adjustable Weight vest plates with straps are best, both in terms of comfort and quality.