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What exactly is a Workout Hammer: How it fits in your Fitness Regime & more

With so much fitness equipment available in the market, users sometimes get confused as to which one they should select. There are obviously commonly chosen weights for weight training available in different variations.

One such fitness equipment that can be used to provide great results is Workout Hammer or Odin sledgehammer, as people call it. It is made of solid steel and is available in a range of weights. It allows you to swing, lift and smash. it is great fitness equipment if you are looking for high-power movements. 

How effective is a sledgehammer?

A sledgehammer or weighted workout hammer is a very effective workout tool. It is used to strengthen muscles, tendons, ligaments, wrists, elbows and even shoulders. The hammer workout is used mainly to increase the power or strength in the muscles and can provide results which are not possible using any other fitness equipment. It helps increase strength and power while increasing muscle mass at the same time. Therefore, incorporating sledgehammer training into your normal workout regime can give fast and effective results.

What Workouts can be done with the Hammer

There are different types of exercises that can be done using a workout hammer.

Classic Sledgehammer workout

Have you ever seen a person slamming a sledgehammer on a big tire with full force, it is what the exercise is. Simply holds the hammer with both your hands and stand two feet away from the tire. Take the sledgehammer up with your right hand sliding towards the head of the hammer. Slam the hammer as hard as you can against the tire and repeat the same exercise with the other side of your body. It is great for increasing upper body strength and burning fat.


It is a combination of hammer kettlebell exercises and can provide better and faster results than the classical sledgehammer exercise. It includes both the classic sledgehammer exercise, immediately followed by Kettlebell swings after a 30-second rest. After the kettlebell swings, do 15 pushups and take a 30-second rest before repeating the same again. It is a great workout to shed that extra fat in your body and increase the heart rate for better calorie burn.

Warrior Sledgehammer

Simply do twenty sledge swings, both on the right and left life and then do ten pushups, followed by twenty sprinter lunges. You will feel an elevated heart rate almost immediately and repeating the sequence at least 10 times will surely leave you tired and with more calorie burn.

Advanced Sledgehammer workout

This workout is one of the best you can do with a workout hammer. Simply start doing a classic sledgehammer exercise, fifteen times from the right and fifteen from the left in one set. Now take a fifteen-second rest and start again. You can decrease the number of reps after each set until you can do only one rep. It will take your muscles to the limit and the results will be visible in just a few days. 

Tricep Blaster

It is one of the best tricep exercises that can be done with a workout hammer. Simply hold the hammer with both hands and hold it behind your head. Without moving your biceps, move your elbows higher while taking the hammer up and then fold the elbows to bring the hammer down. Fifteen reps in a single set with four such sets can be great for your triceps.

What is the recommended Hammer workout for beginners

Classic Sledgehammer with the tire is one of the best hammer workouts for any beginner. Start by using a sledgehammer with less weight and fewer reps per set. You can slowly increase both the weights and sets for better results.

What hammer should you choose for your workout

There are different kinds of sledgehammers or weighted workout hammers that you can choose from. The variation between them is the weight and the length of the handle. While the

Tribe WOD's Workout Hammer series from Kettlebell Kings has a short handle, the Odin Sledgehammer has a longer handle. Based on the exercise you have to do with the hammer, you can select one that suits you the best.

FAQ: Workout Hammers

You should get at least 3 different kettlebells with incremental weight. Starting from the lowest weight, you will be able to slowly work your way up to heavier kettlebells once you've achieved the required conditioning and form.

Yes, in fact, they provide a powerful muscle workout as well as fat burning workout. It also increases overall stamina in the least time.

It works on shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest, ligaments, tendons and a lot more.

Yes, since it requires more power from the users, it helps in burning fat a lot faster and also provides more resistance to the muscles for an increase in strength and stamina.