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 Shoulder Mobility Exercises
Shoulder workout

Say Goodbye to Stiffness!! 7 Shoulder Mobility Exercises to Try Today

Are you tired of dealing with stiff, creaky shoulder joints every day? You're not alone. Many people suffer from shoulder pain and stiffness, but the good news is that there are simple solutions to...
Jack Coxall

The Perfect Single Kettlebell Workout by Kettlebell Kings

 Diversify Your Training With Kettlebells One of the major issues I see when it comes to people’s training and their training plans is the over reliance on using classical pieces of equip...
7 Most Common Kettlebell Exercises Mistakes
Erin Mahoney

7 Most Common Kettlebell Exercises Mistakes

A kettlebell workout adds a functional training element to a program, but be careful of these common kettlebell mistakes. Of all the kettlebell mistakes you can make, the most common occur du...
Kettlebell Shoulder Super Set
body building

Kettlebell Shoulder Super Set

Part Two in our collaboration with the team at Mind Pump Media is all about building the shoulders for aesthetic training. In the first post, we covered leg building exercises but in part two ...