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Cerakote Painted Kettlebells-Kettlebell Kings

Cerakote Painted Kettlebells

We are really excited to announce and introduce our new Cerakote Kettlebell options! We have always tried to innovate and create as many new awesome kettlebell options as possible, this has le...
Kettlebell Kings Texas Open 2018-Kettlebell Kings

Kettlebell Kings Texas Open 2018

The Kettlebell Kings Texas Open is back! Learn about the 2018 Texas Open and come visit us in Austin, Texas for the chance to compete, win prizes and work with kettlebell lifters from all ove...
Kettlebell Complex: 15 Minutes - As Many Rounds As Possible-Kettlebell Kings

Kettlebell Complex: 15 Minutes - As Many Rounds As Possible

Our friend Kelly Manzone from our recently completed, Battle Bells Challenge has created a brand new kettlebell complex for us. Kelly is a great follow on Instagram as she posts lots of kettl...
Functional Bodybuilding Part 2 - Awaken Training Series-Kettlebell Kings

Functional Bodybuilding Part 2 - Awaken Training Series

Our series on workouts with a kettlebell flavor from Awaken Training Series, a 12-week online Functional Bodybuilding program with Marcus Filly, continues below. Workout 2 - Awaken Trainin...
Two Dynamic Kettlebell Movements-Kettlebell Kings

Two Dynamic Kettlebell Movements

Lorna is a 5-time World Champion in Kettlebell Sport, with Absolute National records in 24kg and 20 kg Snatch. LornaFit is her signature 12-Week Private Coaching Program for women over 40, wi...
What Makes A Good Kettlebell?-Kettlebell Kings

What Makes A Good Kettlebell?

Just like almost anything, there are high quality and low quality kettlebells. At Kettlebell Kings we work hard to make all of our kettlebells really high quality. Why have we chosen to go the...
Don't Bang Your Wrist & Forearm With Kettlebells-Kettlebell Kings

Don't Bang Your Wrist & Forearm With Kettlebells

This has to be one of the most frequently asked questions we get when we publish or talk to people in casual conversation, "How do I not destroy my wrist and forearm when lifting kettlebells?...
Kettlebell Get Ups For Grapplers-Kettlebell Kings

Kettlebell Get Ups For Grapplers

We have published a number of articles with Joey Alvarado of Legacy BJJ and are excited to have him contribute this specifically for our Grappling blog. Joey is one of the original people we c...
Number One Tip for Kettlebell Fixation-Kettlebell Kings

Number One Tip for Kettlebell Fixation

The Texas Kettlebell Academy is back to show us one of their best tips on overhead fixation. Overhead fixation refers to the point where the kettlebell is overhead and it stops, with a straigh...