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Number One Tip for Kettlebell Fixation

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The Texas Kettlebell Academy is back to show us one of their best tips on overhead fixation.

Overhead fixation refers to the point where the kettlebell is overhead and it stops, with a straight, extended arm and you get a 'point' (shown in the video). Fixation is important in all types of kettlebell training whether it is kettlebell sport or fitness training for two reasons:

  • Safety: Focusing on proper fixation prevents accidents with a kettlebell over your head. One of the most common mistakes lifters make is rushing into a movement by standing up too quickly and ending up with their arm bent over their head, then trying to fixate (straighten it out) at the top.  Meaning when you rush the movement you stand up with your arm bent, while holding a kettlebell overhead, then straightening or correcting it with the kettlebell above your head (example of what not to do shown). This makes standing up with the kettlebell much harder and unsteady.
  • Competition: Officially if your legs lock before your elbow does it is a push press, which will NOT count in most competitions. By enforcing this tip, you ensure you lock your elbow before your legs which is a true jerk and will count as a rep in kettlebell sport competitions.

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Watch the video below and read about how to focus on the components of this movement to improve your fixation.

What is the key to proper fixation?

The Key: Slowwwwww down, until you get it right. Focus on fixation on the under squat/second dip. This is the point after you have already cleaned the kettlebell and then are dipping to drive the kettlebell upward for the jerk portion (shown in video). So, dip, then stabilize and fixate (straighten your elbow) while still in a dip or squat position and then stand up. This makes standing up the easiest part of the lift. This way if you still end up with a bent arm you have to fix it before standing up. It will slow your lift down and require strength but will train you so that in the long run you can do it much faster. Purposely make your self pause in the beginning while you fixate in the dip/squat position, then stand up.  As you gain more skill it will become faster. A lot of certifications tell people they have to stand up quickly to not tire your legs, which you will want to do eventually, but here focus on getting it right.

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