Two Dynamic Kettlebell Movements-Kettlebell Kings

Two Dynamic Kettlebell Movements

Lorna is a 5-time World Champion in Kettlebell Sport, with Absolute National records in 24kg and 20 kg Snatch.

LornaFit is her signature 12-Week Private Coaching Program for women over 40, with four levels of curated workouts and nutrition guidance to keep women lean, strong and confident.

Lorna is an author and personal trainer, with a Bachelors in Exercise Science. She’s been featured in The New York Times, SHAPE, Prevention and Women’s Health, but her greatest triumph is not evident to the eye. Her journey was shaped by a relentless hunger to experience her full potential, guiding her to the highest ranks in Kettlebell Sport and to bring a personal, results-oriented approach to her personal training clients.

You can find her IG here: @LornaKleidman