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1.5 pood kettlebell

Be the Wolf Leader

Are you ready to swing a 1.5 pood kettlebell? Of course, many us need to work up to the strength of being able to swing 1.5 poods, which translates to 54.17 pounds, which is the average swing d...
1.5 pood kettlebell

Sweat While You Workout!

Listening to loud music while you work out is a must when you use our 1.5 pood kettlebell for your workout! Workouts should be hard, and you should be sweating by the time you’re at least halfw...
1.5 pood kettlebell

Proper Kettlebell Movement

Many people who see a kettlebell in their local gym instantly get sweaty palms and avoid the area at all costs. Swinging a kettlebell seems like a workout that only extremely fit people can att...
1 pood kettlebell

Reasons You'll Love Competition Kettlebells

Competition kettlebells are often overlooked and left in the corner at gyms to just catch dust. Many people are intimidated by them, and for that reason, they are left alone, to sit in the dark...
1 pood kettlebell

What To Expect When You Start Kettlebell Training

Kettlebell training is all the rage right now. The word on the street is that if you take advantage of a kettlebell sale online at Kettlebell Kings and purchase a competition kettlebell to trai...
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1.5 pood kettlebell

Wicked Stare Kettlebells

Buying equipment that you don’t use is something that everyone does when it comes to their home gym. If you’re looking to give yourself a gift that will stare right back at you, it’s time for y...
1 pood kettlebell

Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin By Working Out

Summer is right around the corner, which only means swimsuit season is almost here! Are you prepared to put on your bikini or board shorts? No matter if you love to lay out and tan, jump the wav...
1.5 pood kettlebell

Precision with a 1.5 Pood Kettlebell

When you set out a workout routine for yourself, you want to make sure that you stay on schedule and on point. You have precise fitness goals and at Kettlebell Kings, we want to help with that ...
1.5 pood kettlebell

Stay Competitive with a 1.5 Pood Kettlebell

If weightlifting is your passion, you've most likely entered a few competitions. You've trained your body correctly, taken care of it in the proper way, and maintained a regular lifting regimen...