Be the Wolf Leader

Are you ready to swing a 1.5 pood kettlebell? Of course, many us need to work up to the strength of being able to swing 1.5 poods, which translates to 54.17 pounds, which is the average swing during an intense CrossFit workout. If you are a gym owner or someone who just loves to workout intensely, our kettlebells are for you! On our website, you’ll be able to find great kettlebells at irresistible sale prices, as well as intense workouts that will make you sweat.

Want to find a kettlebell on sale that shows how you feel in the bell itself? If so, then the brand new Wolf Cast Iron Kettlebell is for you. This kettlebell is just how it sounds, shaped like a wolf! It will give you the reminder of how intense you should be making your workout! It is not only beautifully detailed with texture, but it is completely made in the USA! The nickname to this cast iron kettlebell is Zodolf, which means wolf leader.

If you’re looking to be the leader of the pack in kettlebell workouts in your gym or at home, it’s time that you buy this Wolf Cast Iron Kettlebell. You’ll feel stronger and more confident when you swing this bell over head. You can buy this kettlebell for a great price and free shipping in 16kg, which is about 1 pood or 36 pounds. Visit us online now and start searching our impressive selection of kettlebells online at Kettlebell Kings. 

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