Kettlebells vs. Dumbbells, Which are better?

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on 4th Aug 2020

You know of kettlebells and dumbbells if you are a gym buff, but some don’t know the difference. Many people use them interchangeably since they are both free weights; however, they ar … read more

Order Fulfillment and Restock

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on 23rd Jul 2020

We are very thankful for the unprecedented demand we are receiving right now for our kettlebells. Two of the most common questions we get via email, chat or phone are about order statuses and restocks … read more

Restock and Notification for Kettlebells

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on 23rd Jul 2020

We have consistently been restocking kettlebells about every two weeks. The best way to ensure you are able to purchase the kettlebells you need is to sign up for notifications on the product pages … read more

3 Things to Do to Increase Your Mental Edge

5th May 2020

By Stefanos SifandosI am going to share with you 3 things you can immediately do to support yourself during times of difficulty. And before I do that, lets briefly look at how we generally deal with c … read more

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

24th Apr 2020

We wanted to share some details about the site going down on Wednesday night on pre orders, our mentality and fixing it going forward. First, we want to thank everyone who attempted to order, we re … read more
Litmus Tests for all Training Goals

Litmus Tests for all Training Goals

Posted by Phil McDougall on 13th Mar 2020

Imagine a penniless homeless person asking a financial advisor for a plan to buy a $10 million home. That’s like when a brand new remote coaching client once asked me for a plan to achieve the coveted … read more

Five Essential Physical Abilities

Posted by Phil McDougall on 13th Dec 2019

I like to think that it'll be old age or a random accident that gets me in the end. I want to take care of my diet and lifestyle and beat the odds. In order to be self-sufficient and enjoy an able-bo … read more