What Makes a Great Sport Kettlebell?

21st Jul 2015

To the untrained eye, most kettlebells look the same. Subtle differences in handle diameter and curvature will greatly affect your ability to remain comfortable during a long lifting session as well a … read more

What is Kettlebell Sport and What are the Rules?

8th Jul 2015

The rules below are posted from, which is the American Kettlebell Alliance. The AKA puts on kettlebell sport competitions all over the United States and is responsible for the national e … read more

Kettlebell Athletics

8th Jul 2015

Kettlebell sport, competitions started in Europe more than 60 years ago and are based on the original purist forms of kettlebell lifting. Training in this specialized manner requires a lot of relative … read more

What To Expect When You Start Kettlebell Training

16th Apr 2015

Kettlebell training is all the rage right now. The word on the street is that if you take advantage of a kettlebell sale online at Kettlebell Kings and purchase a competition kettlebell to train with, … read more

Start Sweating- It's Normal!

8th Apr 2015

Kettlebells are becoming the future of working out. To get your body to sweat, it may take some effort. Sweat doesn’t come easy for some, but if you start using a competition kettlebell, we are sure y … read more