Litmus Tests for all Training Goals

Litmus Tests for all Training Goals

Posted by Phil McDougall on 13th Mar 2020

Imagine a penniless homeless person asking a financial advisor for a plan to buy a $10 million home. That’s like when a brand new remote coaching client once asked me for a plan to achieve the coveted … read more

Five Essential Physical Abilities

Posted by Phil McDougall on 13th Dec 2019

I like to think that it'll be old age or a random accident that gets me in the end. I want to take care of my diet and lifestyle and beat the odds. In order to be self-sufficient and enjoy an able-bo … read more

Freestyle Kettlebell Pentathlon

Posted by Phil McDougall on 23rd Nov 2019

I created the Freestyle Kettlebell Pentathlon as a fun workout that ticks all the boxes of human movement, and as a means of friendly competition. It has a scoring system relative to bodyweight a … read more

The Balance Of In & Out

Posted by Stefanos Sifandos on 10th Nov 2019

Towards the end of this blog, I will provide you with tips for balancing your life, improving your recovery, experience more meaningful relationships and feel better in your body. Keep reading if that … read more

8 Best Kettlebell Exercises for Big Round Butts

Posted by Phil McDougall on 7th Nov 2019

A goal that keeps cropping up with my clients is glute development because people want big, round butts. Before I list the best kettlebell exercises to achieve kettlebooty, here are some essential … read more