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The Kings


Kettlebell Sets in this category contain weights of 53, 70 pounds and 106 pounds or 24kg, 32 kg and 48 kilograms.

If you are of advanced strength, but new to kettlebells we recommend starting with a 53 pound or 24 kilogram kettlebell, you will progress past this in six months or less. For this reason, consider a kettlebell set, which starts with a 53 pound kettlebell, which you will always be able to use for a great workout with isolation movements like presses and get ups. Experienced kettlebell users will also recognize the 'King' kettlebell sets include heavier kettlebells for you to perform explosive movements like kettlebell swings.  Even the strongest men will get a great workout using a max weight of 70 pounds for explosive movements like kettlebell swings, one handed swings and clean & jerks.

Rarely do people use just one kettlebell, for this reason a kettlebell set is a great purchase because of the reduction in price instead of purchasing different weights separately.





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