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Best Competition Kettlebells from Kettlebell Kings for Your Workout Routine

Kettlebells are one of the most versatile exercise and gym equipment that you will ever come across. It can be used to train various muscle groups and have a lot of different variations as well.

There are different types of kettlebells in the market and one of the most popular among them is competition kettlebells. The best competition kettlebells are made out of steel which makes them slight bit more durable than iron kettlebells.

They also differ from other kettlebells in terms of size and grip. While you can select among different weight variations for competition kettlebells for sale, their size remains the same. Also, they have a small and squarer handle.

What are the Competition Kettlebells and what they are used for?

Competition kettlebells are made of steel and are available in different colours and smooth finishes. One of the best use of competition kettlebells is for fitness enthusiasts and athletes are wants more reps from their exercise and are more focused on the technique. Since it has the same size, regardless of the weight you decide to purchase, it becomes a much better choice while doing variations of kettlebell exercises with different weights. 

Types of Competition Kettlebells

There are different types of competition kettlebells that one can choose from. Obviously, there are different weight variations, but they also differ in terms of features.

Normal Competition Kettlebells

This is one of the most basic forms of competition kettlebells which comes in a solid form. The single size, squarer grip and solid colour finish are what make it set apart from others. It is one of the most basic competition kettlebells used by everyone. 

Adjustable Competition Kettlebell

This is a great form of the kettlebell, used by many athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The same is similar to a competition kettlebell. The difference is that it is covered by a shell, which can be removed and the weight inside can be increased or decreased. It is a great option for people who wants to train with multiple weight variations using a single kettlebell.

Coloured Competition Kettlebells 

Lastly, there are coloured competition kettlebells which are the same as normal ones, but the difference likes in the colour coding. Each kettlebell is coloured as per the weight. Therefore, you can easily identify the weight of the competition kettlebell by looking at the competition kettlebell's colours.

How heavy are Competition Kettlebells?

You can buy different weights variations of a competition kettlebell such as 8, 10, 14, 18, 22, 26, 30 and 32. Kgs. Therefore, if you are looking to buy competition kettlebells, they can range from anywhere between 8-32 Kg.

Best Competition Kettlebells to buy from Kettlebell Kings 

Here are the best-selling Competition kettlebells that you can purchase from Kettlebell kinds. based on your requirements, you can purchase competition kettlebells 8kg, 10kg or a complete set based on different weights. 

Competition Kettlebell

This is one of the most basic versions of competition kettlebells and is also one of the most popular. It has a solid build and can be used for various types of kettlebell exercises.

Adjustable Competition Kettlebell

As the name suggests, the shape is that of a normal kettlebell. The outside is a removable shell that gives it a basic competition kettlebell shape and on the inside are adjustable metal weights, that can be increased or decreased. It is mostly purchased by people who have a home gym and wants to have only a single kettlebell that can provide various weight variations. It is why it is one of the most sold competition kettlebells.

Competition Kettlebell Set

It is a popular product among competition kettlebells, which can be purchased in a set of various weights. Basically, you can purchase a set of six with weights 10, 14, 18, 22, 26, and 30kgs. It is a great product for home and commercial gyms equally and allows multiple people to use it with different weight requirments.

Competition Kettlebell-Fitness edition

This one comes with a special grey finish and colour-coded handles which helps you to differentiate the weight each kettlebell has. The finish provides a better look for a longer time and comes in a pair of two for each weight.

Competiton Kettlebell - 24KG Ace of Spades Cerakote edition

The special edition kettlebell is one of the best and most popular competition kettlebells for sale. it comes in a single-weight configuration of 24kgs and has a beautiful ace of spades design on the body, which makes it look unique.


Yes, they provide the users with a better chance to master the technique of using the kettlebell with more weight and are definitely worth using for kettlebell exercises.

It is used for doing weight training, instead of using dumbells. It provides a much better grip, is more durable and also helps train various muscle groups.

Competition kettlebells are made from steel as compared to other kettlebells made from cast iron. It is more durable and comes only in a single size even with different weights. The handle grip is squarer and helps maintain the chalk grip for a longer time.

Adjustable kettlebells are considered to be one of the best as it allows you to choose the weight to train with and increase or decrease it as required.