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Best Powder-Coated Kettlebells for Workout Routine

When it comes to fitness activities and workouts, there is nothing more versatile than using a Powder Coat Kettlebells set.

They not only help you in training various muscle groups of your body but are also available in different weight configurations.

One of the most popular and used types of kettlebell are powder coated kettlebells as they are more durable and have a better grip. 

What are the Best Powder Coated Kettlebells, What they are used for?

There are different types of powder coated kettlebells that you can opt for. They come as a single unit and in pairs as well. Powder Coat 16,20,24 KG Kettlebells are one of the most bought by people due to the variation of weights they have on offer. It also provides different intensities of workouts if used by more than one person.

How Powder Coated Kettlebells are different from other Kettlebells 

If you are interested in buying coated kettlebells, then you should know that they are made from cast iron and the powder coat on the outside makes it a lot more durable. The powder coat prevents chipping and increases the ability to grip the kettlebell, which improves your workout. The benefit of powder coat Kettlebell for athletes it that it provides a much better grip when used with chalk. It retains the chalk more than any other type of kettlebell on the market.

How heavy Powder Coated Kettlebells are?

Depending on your usage, there are different types of kettlebells to choose from. 53 lb powder coated kettlebell, 22kg powder coat kettlebell, Powder Coat 16,20,24 KG Kettlebells and a lot more. You can either select to buy a single unit of your preferred weight for training or can even select from a pair of kettlebells. It is available both in weight units of kg and Lbs. Other weight configurations that are available in kettlebells are 12, 16, 20 Kgs, 16, 24, 32 Kgs, 24, 32, 48 Kgs, 8, 12, 16 Kgs, 4-48 Kgs with 2-4 Kgs incremental sets and a lot more. 

Workouts to do with Powder Coat Kettlebells

There are a lot of different exercises that can be done using powder coated kettlebells. Since it can be used to train all parts and muscle groups of a body, it can be used by anyone in any way. Here are three of the most popular kettlebell exercises that can be done to get the maximum results from a workout.


It is by far the most popular kettlebell exercise that you will be doing with a kettlebell. It helps train different muscle groups of your body with a single exercise. It will strengthen your hips, arms, and lower back and even engage your core. 


Holding the kettlebell with both your hands and doing squats can provide great results for your body. The coated kettlebells are easier to grip and will add resistance to your body while doing squats, leading to a better overall result for your body. Just make sure to be in a proper form and no rush while doing it. 

Leg-pass through

If you are looking for a kettlebell exercise to strengthen your muscles and also provide a way to burn excess calories, then this is the exercise you should do with it. Passing the kettlebell through your legs is what this exercise will demand from you. It engages your lower body, core and shoulders all at once. Using a 53 lb powder coated kettlebell would be great while doing the exercise. Otherwise, you can use any other kettlebell you are comfortable using.


Yes, since they are completely power coated, you get better durability and they will remain the same way for a longer time.

Additionally, powder coated kettlebells are better to grip and use while doing a workout with sweaty hands.

Looking at what they offer, powder coated kettlebells cannot be considered as expensive. Since they last for a longer period of time, they can be considered great value for money if you are thinking about investing in them.

Yes, powder coat Kettlebells are the best exercise equipment for any beginner. Beginners start by learning how to use and handle a kettlebell and there is a chance of dropping it or not handling it properly in the beginning. Since it prevents chipping and provides a better grip, it is great for any beginner to work on their form of exercise with them.

You can buy powder coated kettlebells here and they are easily available in online and offline stores.

Make sure that you buy powder coated kettlebell for sale, only as per your weight requirements and one you can easily do your exercise with. You can also purchase kettlebell sets with various weight configurations.