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Kettlebell sets in this category contain weights of 18, 26 and 35 pounds or 8, 12 and 16 kilograms.

These kettlebell sets are designed for women with moderate lifting or kettlebell experience.

Women who use some form of weights but are new to kettlebells should start with a 26 pound or 12 kilogram kettlebell for explosive, full body movements like kettlebell swings, squats and jerks. Through consistent use, you will be able to move to the 35 pound kettlebell for these same movements. The 18 and 26 pound kettlebells will always be usable for movements that focus on specific muscles like rows, presses and get ups.

 For any woman who is going to be using kettlebells, a kettlebell set is great purchase. First because it will allow you to grow with your kettlebells and give you some variety as your strength increases for certain movements, but also because of the heavy discounts which are applied to sets versus individual purchases.


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