Kettlebell Sport Snatch Jerk | Kettlebell Sport Basics

Kettlebell Sport Snatch Jerk | Kettlebell Sport Basics

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Kettlebell Sport Basics: Jerk

If you haven’t yet viewed the Kettlebell Sport Swing Clean, please view now as these tutorial progress in order.

The Jerk can be done as part of Biathlon which consists of 10 minutes Jerk, then minimum 30 minutes rest and 10 minutes Snatch or it can be part of a 10 minute Long Cycle set.

Men use 2 bells, women use 1 or 2 bells

What to wear:

1. Lifting shoes

2. Cotton T-shirt

3. Kettlebell Sport lifting belt, which sits on the hips. The belt will create a shelf for your abs, letting the arms rest in the Rack position.

4. You can add some water and chalk to the oblique areas of your T-shirt to provide traction for the arms against the body

One Swing Clean - It’s very important to get the hands deeply into the handles on the Swing Clean, since there won’t be an opportunity to adjust them later, once the set begins. For Jerk, lifters will often take a moment to bring the bells to their shoulders on the Swing Clean, then slip their hands into the handles properly, before settling into the Rack. After this, bringing the bells to the shoulders would constitute a command to change sides when using one bell or command to stop the set.

Rack - The arms will lock onto the abs with the hips forward, trunk concave and upper back wide. This allows the weight of the bells to be centered over the hips and should be very comfortable.

First dip – This short, quick hinge creates the springboard to get the bells up into the Jerk. It’s as if someone is tapping the back of your knees. It is not a vertical dip, the bells should remain on the trunk.

Drive – Launch the bells up as you straighten the legs

Undersquat – Quickly get under the bells as the arms straighten, the bells should fixate here. The purpose of the undersquat is to reduce the distance the bells have to travel.

Straighten the legs – Keeping the arms straight

Lower – Bring the bells back to the Rack

When the bells are launched up, keep the handles together as they pass your face. Don’t open the arms apart. Then bring the bells together right away at the start of the drop to the Rack. This creates a direct path in both directions, making the movement efficient.

Translate the trunk forward at the undersquat, then back at the drop to Rack to let the bells move vertically. This also creates efficiency.

Exhale on:

    1. First dip
    2. Undersquat
    3. Straightening of leg
    4. Extra exhale at standing (optional)
    5. Long sigh on drop to Rack
    6. Breath until next First dip

Use the legs quickly and powerfully! Practice, practice.

Next up will be Kettlebell Sport Long Cycle.


Lorna is a 5-time World Champion in Kettlebell Sport, with Absolute National records in 24kg and 20 kg Snatch.She is an author and personal trainer, with a Bachelors in Exercise Science. Coaching certificates from IKSFA, WKC, AKA Certified Coach and personal training through NASM.Lorna's been featured in SHAPE, Prevention, Women’s Health and twice in The New York Times, but her greatest triumph is not evident to the eye. Her journey was shaped by a relentless hunger to experience her full potential, guiding her to the highest ranks in Kettlebell Sport and to bring a personal, results-oriented approach to her personal training clients.