Overhead Squat Tutorial by KettleJitsu

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By Joey Alvarado:

Overhead Squat Flow Tutorial

If you have followed me for a while, you should know that I am not a huge fan of lifting heavy weight. This is common for a lot of martial artists as we try to limit injuries off the mat. We look for ways to build power and endurance without injuring injuring or straining ourselves with weights, I will be 47 next month so I am careful to not injure myself.

The two most common ways people injure themselves are by not warming up properly and lifting too much weight. That makes a lot of sense if you think about it, you are so ready to work out that you do not warm up properly and then you want to feel good mentally about moving a ton of weight around, both of these lead to injuries.

So, how do you increase the difficulty of an exercise without having to increase the weight too much? The answer is use a slightly different variation of the same exercise.We have covered this before in the infinite kettlebell press article which you can read here. For example, if I am doing racked squats and I want a more advanced variation instead of increasing weight, I can substitute racked squats for overhead squats (shown in the video demo).

This squat variation is more difficult because you are holding the bell in the over head lock out position as you perform the squat movement This challenges your focus, balance and it hits your core way more than if you perform the traditional squat. Lastly, it also challenges and improves your mobility.

Here are a few tips on the overhead squat:

  • Gain mobility by trying the squat motion without kettlebell. For a lot of people this is an awkward movement when you first try it.
  • Once you can complete the squat, add a light kettlebell
  • Watch the demo on this page to see how it is done!


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