Kettlebell Sport Snatch Basics Part 2

By: Lorna Kleidman

Basics of bringing the bell up

Basics of bringing the bell down

Why the bell bangs the wrist and how to avoid it

Bringing Bell Up:

Wait for the bell to complete its pendulum. Imagine the backswing as 7 o’clock, then wait for the bell to come forward to 5 or 4 o’clock without pulling it prematurely.

Once at 4 o’clock you’ll lean back slightly to allow the bell to continue its path to chest height

At chest height give an acceleration pull of the bell-shoulder back and free-arm shoulder forward, then immediately bent the elbow and slip the hand through the handle

Hand slips through so handle rests on a diagonal in the lower palm, wrist neutral, with fingers relaxed.

Bringing Bell Down:

Gently ‘spill’ the bell (don’t spin it) so it comes to the outside of the arm, break the elbow, catch

When catching the handle should jump from the diagonal in the deep palm to the finger crease

Close your thumb over index or index and middle fingers at catch

The Two Main Reasons why the Bell Bangs the Wrist:

Gripping the handle

Slowing the momentum of the pendulum

The key is to redirect the momentum,not grip or slow it. The redirect comes just after the acceleration pull when loosen the fingers and slip the hand through the handle.

Experiment with the options for breathing and let me know what works best for you. Keep in mind that different pacing may change your breathing.

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Lorna Kleidman:

4-Time World Champion in Kettlebell Sport

5 Master of Sport Int’l Class

5 Master of Sport

World Record in 16kg Snatch

Veteran’s World Records in 24kg Snatch

National record in 24kg Snatch

World Record 12kg Snatch Extreme Marathon

IKSFA, WKC, AKA Certified Coach

Lorna is one of longest-reigning competitive lifters in the US & best female Veteran in Snatch worldwide.

Lorna’s a Certified Personal Trainer, sport coach, author, and former massage therapist in private practice with a Bachelors in Sports and Health Science. Founder of KettleX® and SPRY® Method Fitness and Education.

Lorna has presented her courses at SCW Manias, ECA Conferences as well as JCC and Canyon Ranch locations.

Lorna lives in Manhattan with her husband.

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