Building Technique for Snatch: 3 Points for Basic Swings

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on 22nd Aug 2018

Part 1: 

The Snatch appears to be a deceptively simple lift, but as you improve your technique you’ll discover many aspects to this lift that are important to enhancing your results.

In this post we’ll go through 3 foundational elements of the Single Arm Swing in preparation for the Upswing of the Snatch:

Connect wrist to uppermost inner thigh. It’s imperative that the wrist connect to the ‘crotch’ on the backswing in order to control the bell’s momentum and reduce excess load to the spinal muscles.

Wait for the bell to drop. Beginning lifters often flex over too soon in an attempt to allow the bell to fall. This error creates a gap between the arm and the trunk, increasing the tension on the back muscles and the grip. Instead, wait until the upper arm is in full contact with the trunk and then follow the bell into its backswing.

Exhale on the backswing, inhale on the upswing. As counterintuitive as it seems, this breathing pattern works for KB Sport Snatch as it allows an emptying of breath as you relax into the backswing.


Lorna Kleidman is a 3-time World Champion Kettlebell Sport with 4 Master of Sport Int’l Class (MSIL) and 2 Master of Sport (MS) titles. Lorna has made a World Record in 16kg Snatch, Veteran’s World Record in 24kg Snatch and 16kg Half Marathon & National record in 24kg Snatch.

Although she started competing at age 42, Lorna is one of longest-reigning competitive lifters in the US. Lorna is a former massage therapist who had a private practice for 18 years, then turning her passion toward fitness once learning about Kettlebells. Soon after she began training for KB Sport on the then male dominated International platform.

Lorna’s credentials include Certified Personal Trainer, sport coach, author of Body Sculpting with Kettlebells for Women and Bachelors in Sports and Health Science.

Lorna is the Founder of KettleX® Fitness and Education with streaming videos and trainers’ seminars. Also founder/co-creator of SPRY® Method education and classes. SPRY is a sophisticated blend of flowing yoga with a single light Kettlebell to enhance strength, stability, balance and awareness. Pastimes include meditation, theater, travel and volunteering.

Lorna has presented her courses at SCW Manias, ECA Conferences, JCC and Canyon Ranch locations. Lorna lives in Manhattan with her husband.

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