Kettlebell Guide: What Is A Pood?

Kettlebell Guide: What Is A Pood?

What is a Pood?

If you're new to kettlebells, you may have come across the term "pood" and wondered what it means. This is a common question for folks new to kettlebell, especially if you have been getting your workouts from Crossfit. 'Pood' originated in Russia along with kettlebells and is a unit of measurement for kettlebells in Russia.

More specifically it is a unit equal to 40 funt (фунт, Russian Pound). A funt is a Russian pound. A pood is equivalent to 16 kilograms, or roughly 35 pounds. Kettlebells are often measured in poods, especially in traditional Russian kettlebell training. In fact, the pood is still used as the standard unit of measurement for kettlebells in many parts of the world.


Understanding the Pood as a Unit of Measurement

So, what does this mean for you as a kettlebell user? It means that if you're working with traditional Russian kettlebells, you'll need to become familiar with the pood as a unit of measurement.

What is a Pood in Kilograms and Pounds?

  • It is approximately 16.38 kilograms. A kilogram is 2.2 pounds. So one pood is also 36.11 pounds.

Often times you will see a Crossfit workout call for 1 Pood, 1.5 Pood or 2 Pood. So, the common kettlebell weights closest to this would be a 16 Kg Kettlebell, 24 Kilogram Kettlebell and a 32 Kilogram Kettlebell respectively.


Common Kettlebell Weights and their Kilogram & Pood Conversions


Kilograms Poods
9 4 .25
13 6 .4
26 12 .7
35 16 1
44 20 1.2
53 24 1.5
62 28 1.7
70 32 2
80 36 2.2
88 40 2.4
106 48 3


The term has had some resurgence as kettlebells have become more popular because it is still used in reference to sporting weights in Russia. That is it! Pretty simple!

Choosing the Right Kettlebell Size

Now that you understand what a pood is, you might be wondering what size kettlebell you should buy. The answer to that question depends on a variety of factors, including your fitness level, your goals, and the specific exercises you'll be doing.

As a general rule of thumb, men typically start with a 16kg (1 pood) or 24kg (1.5 pood) kettlebell, while women usually start with an 8kg (0.5 pood) or 12kg (0.75 pood) kettlebell. However, these are just suggestions – ultimately, the best size kettlebell for you will depend on your individual needs.

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Benefits of Kettlebell Training

It's worth noting that kettlebell training can be a highly effective way to improve your overall fitness, build strength and power, and burn fat. So, whether you're a beginner or an experienced athlete, adding kettlebell training to your fitness routine can be a smart choice.

In summary, a pood is a unit of measurement that is commonly used to measure kettlebell weight, especially in traditional Russian kettlebell training. While modern kettlebells are often labeled in pounds and kilograms, it's important to be familiar with the pood if you're working with traditional Russian kettlebells. As for choosing the right size kettlebell, it's important to consider your individual needs and goals, and to seek the guidance of a qualified trainer if necessary.

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