Are you wondering what size kettlebell should you get? Whether you are new to kettlebell training or have been using kettlebells for a while, it can be challenging to know which weight to choose. The ideal weight for men beginners is from 26 lbs (12 kg) to 53 lbs (24 kg) and for woman it is 18 lbs (8 kg) to 35 lbs (16 kg). 

In this article, we will guide you through the factors to consider when selecting a kettlebell and help you determine the best size kettlebell for your fitness goals


Factors to Consider When Choosing the Correct Kettlebell Size?

It is essential to consider certain factors when choosing the right kettlebell size. These factors are:

The type of kettlebell exercises you want to undergo: Ballistic vs. Grind exercises.
  • Your weightlifting experiences.
  • Your workout goals.
  • Age and current fitness level.
  • Kettlebell quality.
  • Handle diameter.

    Ballistic vs. Grind Exercises

    There are two types of kettlebell exercise, the ballistic and grind exercises. Each with its kettlebell size recommendation and uniqueness.

    Ballistic Exercises

    Ballistic exercises are also known as explosive exercises. It is the type of work out that simulates the every day ballistic movement in humans. It involves throwing and jumping. The ballistic exercise has two stages:

    A stage that requires the exertion of energy.
    A stage under the influence of gravitational force.

      Whether you are jumping or throwing, the type of movement you undergo determines the stage you will experience first.

      Three Examples of Different Ballistic Exercises

      Examples of ballistic exercise include:

        Recommended Kettlebells Sizes for Ballistic Exercises

        The kettlebell size for ballistic exercise can be more massive than the size you will use for grind exercises.

        The recommended kettlebell size for this type of training should be between the following weight ranges:

        • 35lbs (16kg) and 53lbs (24kg) kettlebells for men.
        • 18lbs (8kg) and 35lbs (16kg) kettlebells for women.

          These weights apply to men and women above 18 years of age.

          Grind Exercises

          Grind exercise is a controlled form of movement, and it is often slower than ballistic exercise. It is defined as a grind because it requires a lot of dedication and constant training.

          Grind exercise is perfect for all levels of fitness and involves less stress. Examples of grind exercises include presses, deadlift, which consists of many varieties such as bent press, windmills, Turkish get-up.



          Recommended Kettlebells Sizes for Grind Exercises

          The suitable kettlebell size for grind exercise lets you press over your head for 8-10 times. Ensure that you are consistent with the size you choose for this exercise.

          The recommended kettlebell sizes fall between:

          • 18lbs (8kg) and 44lbs (20kg) for men.
          • 13lbs (6kg) and 26lbs (12kg) for women.

            These weights apply to men and women above 18 years of age.

            Consider Your Weightlifting Experience

            You should consider making the right kettlebell size choice based on your weightlifting experience.


            For a beginner, who has no weightlifting experience, you should start at the beginner level to learn and understand the proper mechanics used in the exercise.

            Suggested Kettlebell Size for Beginners

            To make the exercise easy and comfortable for you, here's the suggested kettlebell size for beginners:

            • Kettlebell size of 35lbs (16kg) for males.
            • Kettlebell size of 18lbs (8kg) for women.


              The intermediate level includes people with bench press strength higher than 200lbs (91kg). This class of people is not new to weight training and has some experience with lifting the weight.

              Here's the suggested kettlebell size for intermediates:

              • Kettlebell size of 44lbs (20kg) for men.
              • Kettlebell size of 26lbs (12kg) for women.


                The advanced level trainers have a lot of weight training experience, and they have control over their full-body movement. They have massive strength, and they can lift heavier weights than the corresponding levels of trainers.

                Suggested Kettlebell Size for Advanced

                For the advanced trainers, here's the suggested kettlebell size:

                • Kettlebell size of 53lbs (24kg) for men.
                • Kettlebell size of 35lbs (16kg) for women.

                Ensure that you can do five repetitions of any weight training you choose until you can conveniently do 20 repetitions of that particular training.

                Consider Your Workout Goals

                The reason for undergoing weight training contributes immensely to the success of the practice. Because it influences the type of exercise you need and the kettlebell size for your goal.

                Among the goals of many kettlebell trainers include:

                • Loss of weight.
                • Gaining strength.
                • The building of muscle.
                • Flexibility.
                • Burning of fat.
                • Cardiovascular health.

                  Balance and Coordination

                  The purpose of kettlebell exercise for many young and adult weight trainers is balance and coordination. This is possible because of the dynamic movement involved in the training. The progressive movement increases body balance and coordination.

                  Example Kettlebell Exercises for Balance and Coordination

                  Kettlebell flows are the most suitable form of exercise for balance and coordination. A kettlebell flow combines two or three movements and works with any comfortable kettlebell size.

                  To attain balance and coordination, the recommended kettlebell sizes are:

                  • Kettlebells between 18lbs (8kg) and 26lbs (12kg) for women.
                  • Kettlebells between 26lbs (12kg) and 44lbs (20kg) for men.


                    Another benefit of the kettlebell exercise is agility. It makes you resistant to injury and tones up your muscles.

                    Example Kettlebell Exercises for Agility

                    The kettlebell Turkish get-up is particularly crucial for agility because it builds and develops a stable movement foundation and stabilizes the muscle. The Turkish get-up strengthens the functional core, improve body posture, and prevent body pain.

                    Recommended Kettlebell Sizes for Agility

                    To lay a solid body foundation and muscle stability, you must select the best kettlebell size to give you the best results. Thus, to attain agility, the recommended kettlebell sizes are:

                    • Kettlebells between 9lbs (4kg) and 26lbs (12kg) for women.
                    • Kettlebells between 18lbs (8kg) and 44lbs (20kg) for men.


                      Another critical goal of people who train with the kettlebell is gaining more strength. Before you can be an expert in kettlebell exercise, you must control your body movement, which requires power. This type of training builds up your stabilizing muscles and thus helps you to balance your posture.

                      Example of Kettlebell Exercise for Strength

                      The kettlebell exercise suitable for gaining strength is the kettlebell swing. This ballistic exercise involves moving the kettlebell in a pendulum motion from in between your knees, up to eye level. However, once you are used to the swing, you can move the kettlebell above your eye level.

                      The kettlebell swing uses many muscles in the body to exert a lot of effort during the process. Thus, it gives faster results than the corresponding weight training exercises.

                      The swing can use one hand or two hands. Although, using two sides is not recommended for people who are not yet at the intermediate level.

                      Recommended Kettlebell Sizes for Strength

                      Despite the considerable benefit of the kettlebell swing, it should acquire the set goal and avoid injury during the procedure.

                      To gain more strength, the recommended kettlebell sizes for one-handed kettlebell swings are:

                      • 26lbs (12kg) for women 
                      • 35lbs (16kg) for men.

                        While the recommended kettlebell size for double-handed kettlebell swing is:

                        • 31lbs (14kg) for women
                        • 53lbs (24kg) for men.

                        Ensure that you can swing the size that fits you best with one hand before swinging with both hands.


                        Most types of kettlebell exercises require that you should endure the process of achieving your ultimate aim for doing the training. Kettlebell exercise provides endurance due to several factors, which includes:

                        • The unbalanced weight: This feature makes the kettlebell notably different from other weight training instruments such as dumbbell and barbell. It affords you a free weightlifting movement that makes it easier to perfect your grip and control your body movement.
                        • The controlled movement: The grind exercise requires you to be slower with the flow, which involves a lot of dedication.

                          Example Kettlebell Exercises for Endurance

                          The kettlebell goblet squat is a suitable type of kettlebell exercise that gives you endurance. Grind exercise requires a lot of consistency and dedication because it builds the muscle and burns many calories using many muscles in the body.

                          Recommended Kettlebell Sizes for Endurance

                          To gain perfection with the kettlebell squat exercise, you must use the right kettlebell size to avoid poor techniques, resulting in body pain.

                          The recommended kettlebell size for kettlebell goblet squat is:

                          • 40lbs (18kg) for an active man.
                          • 25lbs (11kg) for active women.

                          Consider Your Age and Current Fitness Level

                          Whenever you want to choose a kettlebell size most suitable for your exercise, you should consider the age and current fitness level. Different age groups should use different kettlebell sizes that will not lead to injury during the training.

                          Your current fitness level, measured by the bench press strength, determines the kettlebell's size. For example, if your bench press strength is below 200lbs (91kg), you will use kettlebell sizes for beginners. In contrast, people with bench press strength above 200lbs (91kg) will use kettlebell intended for intermediate and advanced level individuals.


                          One of the most frequently asked questions about kettlebell exercise is that can kids do such activity?

                          The answer is yes. Although, the type of exercise your kids perform will be different from the one for adults, and the kettlebell size will be lighter than adult's kettlebell sizes.

                          However, if your child wants to undertake any kettlebell exercise, ensure that you will guide them.

                          Your kid's fitness level will determine the number of repetitions between kettlebell exercise and always prevent them from passing over their limit by engaging them only in simple activities like goblet squat and deadlift.

                          Recommended Kettlebell Sizes for Kids

                          To give your kid a taste of the kettlebell exercise, you should select the best kettlebell's size. The kettlebell size recommended for kids is based on their age, and the recommended dimensions are:

                          • Kettlebell size between 5-8lbs (2-3kg) for kids of age 5-8years.
                          • Kettlebell size between 5-15lbs (2-7kg) for kids of age 9-11years.
                          • Kettlebell size between 10-20lbs (4.5-9kg) for kids of age 10-20years.


                            Whenever you are referring to adults in kettlebell exercise, it relates to men and women above 18 years of age. They can be new to weightlifting exercise, or they might have some experience before the kettlebell training. Adults fall into three categories depending on their weight training experience and fitness level. The three types of adults are:

                            • Beginners.
                            • Intermediate.
                            • Advanced.

                              Recommended Kettlebell Sizes for Adults

                              • 24-35lbs (11-16kg) for men
                              • 13-18lbs (6-8kg). for women 


                                The seniors include people that are age 60+. Their goal for doing kettlebell exercise is to strengthen their bones and keep it firm. They are not building their muscle.

                                Recommended Kettlebell Sizes for Seniors

                                The joint health of seniors determines the kettlebell size recommended for them. However, the specified kettlebell size for an average senior  is

                                • 20-26lbs (9-12kg) for male
                                • 15-18lbs (7-8kg) for female.


                                Kettlebell Quality

                                The quality of your kettlebell contributes to the success of your kettlebell exercise. Therefore, selecting the best kettlebell quality is necessary.

                                How to Determine the Quality of a Kettlebell?

                                This is a crucial question because buying the right kettlebell with the best quality will make the exercise easy. To determine the quality of the kettlebell, ensure that you consider the following parameters:

                                • Kettlebell Smoothness: Check the kettlebell to ensure that the handle, horn, and corner are smooth because kettlebell smoothness influences gripping, making the exercise comfortable.
                                • Kettlebell Window: The kettlebell window is the space between the bell and the horn, which allows the user to handle the kettlebell conveniently. Make sure that the kettlebell window is wide enough for you to hold the kettlebell.
                                • Consider the Handle Diameter: You need to consider the kettlebell's handle diameter because the diameter also aids you in your exercise. You may want a kettlebell with a thinner handle diameter. In comparison, your friend may wish to get a kettlebell with a thicker handle diameter.

                                What are the Differences in the Kettlebell Type?

                                There are different types of kettlebells, each with its specification and uniqueness. Here is a list of kettlebells and their specification:There are different types of kettlebells, each with its specification and uniqueness. Here is a list of kettlebells and their specification:

                                Powder Coat Kettlebells

                                This type of kettlebell consists of a piece of cast iron. They are coated with powder to improve the texture and gripping of the metal. Powder coat kettlebells are more durable because of the powder painting on their surface.

                                Shop Powder Coat Kettlebells

                                Competition Kettlebells

                                This type of kettlebell is built of steel, and they are of the same size, irrespective of the weight.

                                Shop Competition Kettlebells

                                Adjustable Kettlebells

                                This is the most versatile type of kettlebell because you can vary the kettlebell's weight by adjusting the weighted plate.

                                Shop Adjustable Kettlebells

                                Cerakote Kettlebells

                                This type of kettlebell is coated with a composite polymer-ceramic, which gives you a personalized kettlebell.

                                Shop Cerakote Kettlebells

                                33mm Handle Kettlebells

                                This type of kettlebell has a handle diameter of 33 millimeters. So that people with smaller hands can make a firm grip.

                                Shop 33mm Competition Kettlebells


                                What is a Good Weight for a Kettlebell?

                                Many brands are providing a wide range of kettlebells. But when it comes to practicing comfort and anti-skid benefits, you need to trust the most reliable one. Kettlebell Kings is the second name when it comes to quality kettlebell manufacturing and supplying. You can get all-purpose kettlebells here at the most competitive prices. Our online stores are available to make your kettlebells purchase more convenient. 

                                Kettlebell Kings are the first preference of both beginners and professionals. But many aspects may confuse you about buying a good weight kettlebell. The very first question that appears in every beginner’s mind is, what is the right kettlebell weight to start? Many of us make mistakes in estimating ourselves. Do not under or overestimate yourself. In case of confusion, take the help of experts.

                                The next thing you need to consider is practicing motion sequence the wrong way. Your exercising sets need to be in perfect flow with the kettlebell throw. Start with low weight and increase it with time. Professional practitioners were also beginners sometimes. They choose the right weight at that time which is the reason why now they are masters in kettlebell practice. Prevent yourself from making such silly mistakes and stay healthy and fit forever. 

                                Your kettlebell buying instructions are not just limited to weight preferences. There are several terms that you need to ensure before getting your kettlebell set. Every weight of a kettlebell is a good weight if you select it according to the demand of your fitness practice and stamina.

                                What Sizes do Kettlebells Come in?

                                Kettlebells are available in different sizes. If we talk about Competition kettlebells, their size is almost the same. Only color coding is done to reflect changes. Weight fillers are used to increase or decrease the weight of competition kettlebells. Normal kettlebell sizes get increased along with the increase in weight. Just like weight the sizes of kettlebells are many. 

                                Different factors participate in defining the best one for your fitment. For example, do you prefer ballistic or grind exercise, and what are your exercise goals. The way you enjoy the weight lifting experience also matters a lot in selecting a particular size of the kettlebell. Generally, kettlebells are available from 18 LBS to 106 LBS sizes. Modification options are also available on demand. Slight changes in the design and diameter of kettlebells are done to manage lights and swings with better grip. 

                                • 8 kg ( 18 lbs) 
                                • 12 kg ( 26lbs)
                                • 16 kg ( 35lbs) 
                                • 20 kg ( 44lbs) 
                                • 24 kg ( 53 lbs) 
                                • 28 kg ( 62 lbs)
                                • 32 kg ( 70 lbs) 
                                • 36 kg ( 80 lbs)
                                • 40 kg (88lbs)
                                • 44 kg ( 97 lbs) 
                                • 48 kg (106 lbs) 

                                Beginner females start with 8 KG to 18 kg size and beginner males prefer 12 KG onwards sized kettlebells. Fitness practitioners in the middle stage can go for 20 plus KG weight. Professional practitioners go with advanced weight options too. It depends on their practice-level requirement. 

                                Why Kettlebells are Better than Weights?

                                According to fitness experts, Kettlebells are the best solution for people looking for high-intensity practice. The slight edge design of the kettlebells enhances the level of energy usage during your practice session. Generally, heavy-weight lifters practice swings, snatches, and clean. The kettlebell grip handle and easy-to-carry design offer a better practicing experience. 

                                In functional improvement, kettlebells perform far better than other weights. The grip strength is the best part of kettlebells that helps all your puls and pushes to go flawless. There is another fact associated with kettlebells. Kettlebell swings work as an activator to our entire muscular chain. You can not gain this advantage with other weights. 

                                That is the reason why kettlebells are better than weights. You can buy other weights at pocket-friendly prices. But due to advanced results and better efficiency kettlebells are a bit costlier than ordinary weights.

                                How do I Know What Size Kettlebell to Use?

                                This confusion belongs to everyone who is buying kettlebells for the first time. A variety of weights and sizes are available in kettlebells. But there is a different stage of your practice that requires weight and sizes accordingly. The best outputs are guaranteed if you practice your workout with the right weight. 

                                Let's see what elements are involved to clarify what is the best size of the kettlebell for you. Generally, kettlebells are available in the range of 8 kg to 32 kg weigh size. If you are a male fitness practitioner your stamina, practice type, and results in expectations rely on your size preference. Still, the ideal weight for female beginners is from 8 to 16 KG size. In men, it is 12 to 24 KG. 

                                A slight increase in weight over time is a good exercising strategy. Over-estimation for faster results can cause serious injury or physical issues. Best kettlebells manufacturer and supplier of kettlebells provide complete guiding assistance on your purchase. Kettlebells Kings are popular for the best quality kettlebells and guiding assistance. 

                                How Heavy Should a Beginner Kettlebell be?

                                Beginners can not practice reparations and fast moves of kettlebells with the required grip. So, they should start with less weight. Once they got the grip on the kettlebell handle to manage all types of swings, throws, and pushes they can increase the weight. !6 LBS to 36 LBS weight is ideal for female beginners at kettlebells practices. 36 LBS to 24 Lk weight size of kettlebells are good for male beginners. 

                                What Weight Kettlebell Should a Woman Use?

                                Women are never weak. They can practice with much heavier kettlebells. Women are worldwide popular in participating and winning at international level competitions in weightlifting, boxing, and more. Kettlebell practices are very much used by female sportspersons. People engaged in modeling or professional fitness experts love to use kettlebells. So, women from these backgrounds use 16 to 32 kg weighted kettlebells as well. But when it comes to female beginners, less weight amount becomes important to use. To set up all your exercises according to your body type and strength a good start is important. 

                                Many times, females start with high weight and hurt themselves. So a weight between 8KG to 20 Kg is perfect for female beginners. They can buy a perfect kettlebell set for their practices containing 8KG, 12 KG, and 16 Kg weights. It will help them to practice their maximum wings, pushes, and pulls comfortably. Also, they will easily approach their all fitness goals with mentioned kettlebell weight set.

                                What Weight Kettlebell Should a Man Use?

                                One-handed swings of male practices require 16KG weight-size kettlebells. For two-handed swings, they need 24 kg weight. There are so many kettlebell practices that are hard to explain altogether. But the most common practices like bottoms-up clean, windmills and Turkish get-up exercises require medium weight. For men's practices, 16 KG size kettlebells are perfectly suitable for these practices. Professional male practitioners can go for up to 32 kg kettlebells or other modification options too. 

                                So choose the weight of your perfect kettlebell set according to your practice requirement and suitability to stamina. 

                                How Do I Know What Weight Kettlebell to Buy?

                                As we have discussed earlier, first of all, categorize your kettlebell requirement criteria. Don't forget to include your gender, exercise preferences, starting stage, Stamina, budget, and more elements. Otherwise having a collection of 8kg, 12, Kg, 16, kg, 20 Kg, 24 kg, and 32-weight kettlebells can match your maximum fitness practice requirement. Having this collection at your gym or home can benefit other people too. All males and females can easily practice their maximum moves, pushes, and through with the help of this weight collection. 

                                This smart idea will save you from unwanted expenses. Because buying kettlebells is too expensive to afford for everyone. Use your mind and get this particular weight set now and enjoy the best output for you and other members too. 

                                People who are engaged in advanced weight-practicing programs may get their additional weight sets as well. Also if you are very much focused on the fitment of a particular part or portion then also you need to buy kettlebell weight accordingly. Keep all your fitness needs in front and then buy the kettlebell set for your purpose. If you are not that aware of the kettlebells then you can also take the help of an experienced person. This will also give you an idea to get a better store, brand, and pricing.

                                What Kettlebell Sizes to buy?

                                 Competition kettlebell sizes are almost the same. But normal kettlebells get increased in size along with their weight. There are two parts to a kettlebell. The first is a ball which is completely the weight that you need to use for your practices. The second part is very important. This is the handle of your kettlebell. It makes your practice much more comfortable. The manufacturers also make changes in the size of the kettlebell handle along with the change in kettlebell weight and size. The standard size range of kettlebells begins from 8 to 48KG. In the same way, the changes in diameter get increased at all levels. The base diameter for the lowest weight range kettlebells is 11.1, and the height is 282 mm, The Handel width is available for the same in 33mm size weight, For different sizes please visit the company website www.kettlebellkings.com

                                Kettlebell Kings are a reputed name in kettlebell manufacturing and supplying. We are a well-recognized brand and do business at an international level. Most reputed fitness centers, gyms, and more are our valuable clients. With ten years of experience and quality centric approach, we have reached the heights of success in a very short duration. At Kettlebell Kings, you get the best kettlebells guaranteed. The fit world is the goal of kettlebell kings and they are constantly proceeding toward it. Get your best fitment today and enjoy your practices lifelong.

                                Kettlebell Size Suggestions for Women

                                The kettlebell size for women in all categories is within the range of 13-35lbs (6-16kg).

                                What is a Pood?

                                A pood is a unit for measuring the weight of kettlebells in Russia. This term is mostly used by traditional kettlebell trainers.

                                How Does a Pood Compare to a Pound?

                                One pood is equivalent to 36.11lbs (16.4kg), (where lb is the unit for pounds).

                                Conclusion: You're Now Ready To Buy The Right Kettlebell!

                                In your journey for a balanced and coordinated body, ensure that you select the best kettlebell size after considering the factors analyzed above. Always ensure that you possess the best kettlebell quality and know that your kettlebell exercises will start generating results in no time.