Kettlebell Ground Series  Part 1 - Bridge to Combat Sit-Up

Kettlebell Ground Series Part 1 - Bridge to Combat Sit-Up

As a fundamental movement utilized across grappling sports, the bridge is an escape technique that proves beneficial when driving an opponent off the body from a mounted position. When combining this movement with a kettlebell and transitioning directly into other key positions such as the “combat position”, we are drilling a sport specific sequence helpful for the grappler of any style.


    • Lay on your back with your knees flexed and kettlebell resting on your lower abdomen/pelvis.
    • Drive your hips up to the ceiling in a controlled motion and rise the kettlebell up and over your head to one side touching the floor
    • Return back to the start position and repeat in the other two directions (straight overhead, and to the opposite side)
    • Once you’ve completed all three directions, drive the kettlebell forward as you simultaneously tuck one knee under your glutes and sit-up
    • Raise up into the Combat Position and pull the kettlebell into you hip
    • Lower back down under control and repeat

It is recommended the you use a light kettlebell, +/- 8kg, and work on the fluidity of movement above all.

Mike Salemi & Josh Thompson demonstrate The Combat Sit Up with Kettlebell Kings



The grip used in this kettlebell technique sequence we are calling the “L-Grip”. The “L-Grip” is one which uses a hand position where the fingers (index to pinky fingers) fan out to the sides wrapping around the kettlebell, with the wrist being held in extension. The thumbs are driven through the inside window of the kettlebell. This grip carries a grappling specific application in order to avoid being wrist locked.


Suggested Repetitions: 5-10 each side

Rest Period: As little as needed (up to 30 seconds)

*Sets: 5–10

*This series also works well when incorporated into short explosive timed workouts such as Tabata or HIIT training.

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Videography By: Eli Helfman

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