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Kettlebell Complex: Snatch To Overhead Squat

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Kettlebell Complexes, sometimes called Kettlebell Flows are a great addition to kettlebell training. There are a number of reasons to utilize Kettlebell Complexes. Like any kettlebell exercise they are an incredible way to build strength and endurance while burning calories, but one of the things we like most about Kettlebell Complexes is how creative you can be. There are virtually endless combinations you can create to keep your workouts new and exciting.

Our goal is to put out regular Kettlebell Complexes with some of the Kettlebell Experts we work with. Our first Kettlebell Complex is created by Bill Esch. Bill has a great Instagram (@kettlebellwarrior) where he publishes workouts and tips as well.

Like any kettlebell workout, it is very important to make sure you have mastered the individual movements before moving on to a Kettlebell Complex. If you have not mastered the Snatch, Overhead Squat and Bent Press we recommend doing so before attemping. This will be our first post in our new series which you can subscribe to to get a new Kettlebell Complex in your email inbox every week. If you have not mastered some of the basic movements of kettlebells we recommend you have a look at the column on the right which breaks down training movements. Our Weekly Kettlebell Workouts is a a great way to get started in kettlebell workouts if this is your first time reading one of our posts.

This first Kettlebell Comples is a 15 Minute AMRAP. This means, complete as many rounds as possible of the workout below in 15 minutes.

The Kettlebell Complex:

  • 3 Snatches to Overhead Squat
  • 3 Bent Presses

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Kettlebell Complex: Kettlebell Snatch To Overhead Squat to Bent Press

How To:

Switch hands after every round, a round is 3 Snatches to Overhead Squat, then 3 Bent Press. When you are done, then stretch.

• use a weight of which you can control (the Bent Press is usually the limiting factor, base the weight you use on an appropriate weight for your Bent Press)

• make sure to fully lock the arm out on the snatch to overhead squat. Do not worry about having to break the move into two movements. So, you can snatch the bell first then go into an overhead squat as opposed to making it one movement if you want to make sure that you are in control.

• Bent press - start by placing the elbow by the hip. Push the hips back and let the feet point slightly in the direction of which you are reaching ( right hand goes towards the ground feet angle to the right)

• During the bent press keep your eyes on the bell at all times.

• slightly rotate the body so that the side of the body is directly under the bell. Simultaneously push the hips back and press your body under the bell.

• Fully lock out the arm and brace yourself by either placing the free hand on the floor or your leg. Once arm is locked


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Thanks to Bill Esch for putting this great complex together for us. We recommend following him on Instagram (@kettlebellwarrior) for more great workouts and advice. Additionally, you can read more about Bill and the trainin he offers in person and online at

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