We're Making Your Kettlebell Workouts More Affordable

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Love kettlebell workouts but want to save on your costs of buying new equipment? We know there are a lot of kettlebell companies out there who are trying to gouge you out of you more money than their equipment is worth. We have a way for you to save 5% instantly on our already-low pricing. Simply visit our website and select one of these options to redeem instantly: 

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Do one of these and you'll be given a coupon code for 5% to use during checkout. We'd recommend that you do all of them--you won't get additional discounts, but you will be in the loop on all of the best news, recommendations, and workouts for kettlebells. We're passionate about kettlebell workouts, and if you are too, connect with us through social media and let's work together to spread the word about this effective fun workout method.

If you need some additional workout inspiration, our Pinterest page is a great place to start. Our motivation board is packed with inspiring quotes that will drive you to test your limits and get the best workout possible. We also have a kettlebell exercises board that gives you great workouts for every area of your body. We're always looking for new ways to inspire and encourage our customers, so share your favorite kettlebell pins with us and help us inspire others. 

Don't forget to connect and claim your 5% off offer!