California Open Kettlebell Sport Championship-Kettlebell Kings

California Open Kettlebell Sport Championship

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Kettlebell Kings is honored and excited to announce we are the official sponsor of The California Open Kettlebell Sport Championship on February 27-28, 2016 put on by Orange Kettlebell Club. The event will be from 10 AM to 5 PM both days, held in Costa Mesa, California at Innovative Results. Kettlebell Kings will be providing our Kettlebell Sport Series as the official kettlebell of the event which all lifters will compete with.

Kettlebell Sports Championship 2016 - California Open

The California Open is the biggest kettlebell sport competition in North America, lifters will travel from all over the world to compete for the title. In addition to providing bells to all the lifters, Kettlebell Kings has come to an agreement to provide the men's and women's winners with complete sets of our Kettlebell Sport Series 8-32 kilograms in competition increments.

The last California Open was the largest kettlebell event in United States history with over a dozen countries and twenty states represented, over 150 lifters competed in 280 competitive lifts! An exciting change to this year's event is the addition of Women's Two Arm Long Cycle, for the first time in the event women will be able to compete in this manner!

If you are unfamiliar with kettlebell sport, and  are great resources for getting started. Kettebell Sport is a great test of strength, endurance, technique and is perfect for those who train primarily at home but want to have a competitive goal to work towards!

Pictured is the Kettlebell Sport Series which lifters will be competing with at the event!

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