Adjustable Kettlebells

Adjustable Kettlebells

Buying kettlebells online is a big decision. One of the best ways to help your decision is to read a high number of reviews done by others. If you look around the internet enough, there are now quite a number kettlebell review websites you can find just by searching the term 'kettlebell reviews'. We are really proud and honored that after a few years, our hard work is paying off in that qualified professionals want to review and assess our kettlebells.

One of the terms we have not seen a lot about is reviews of 'Adjustable Kettlebells'. We do provide a few different Adjustable Kettlebell models and we are really happy that customers like them. They are some of our most reviewed kettlebells. Some visitors to our site are not sure if an adjustable kettlebell is right for them and the truth is, like anything, it just depends.

We came across another thorough review of Adjustable Kettlebells and wanted to share it, you can read the full review HERE. We think that Adjustable Kettlebells are great for a couple of purposes, if you are just starting and want to save money in the long run, Adjustable Kettlebells can give you virtually unlimited weight increments. Also, if you are a busy professional or competitor they allow you to always have workout equipment with you while you travel. Depending on your budget and goals, we have a couple different models that have passed the rigor of some of the foremost kettlebell trainers in the country. Our Adjustable Competition model is perfect for competitors who are also busy professionals. Not all adjustable kettlebells are created the same, so we believe the review here is a great way to help you evaluate if an adjustable kettlebell is right for you or if you should consider a traditional kettlebell.

The review below is of our 10-40 Pound Adjustable Kettlebell which is designed to be a starter model and help you get the basics of Kettlebell Swings, Goblet Squats and Presses. The review is very thorough in that it discusses the criteria of different adjustable kettlebells and what to look for.

The review analyzed a handful of different criteria to assess what they like in an adjustable kettlebell:

  • weight increments
  • materials
  • handle
  • adjustments

Have a look at the review and make sure to ask if you have any questions!


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