12-32KG Adjustable Competition Style Kettlebell

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12-32KG Adjustable Competition Style Kettlebell

  • 35mm handle
  • exact same window and handle as our Kettlebell Sport Series
  • adjusts to every weight between 12 and 32 kilograms in one kilogram increments except for 13kg
  • read a discussion of this bell on Reddit here or a video review from a Kettlebell Sport Champion here
  • shell is made of steel and weights are made of iron

FREE SHIPPING! This adjustable kettlebell normally ships for $40-50 dollars from other online providers!

This one kettlebell is like having an entire kettlebell set from 12 to 32 kilograms in one kilogram increments! Purchasing this many different kettlebells would normally cost nearly $1,000! You will never have to buy another kettlebell with this range! (Unless you want two!) This kettlebell solves the training problem for lifters who want to increase in 1 kilogram increments. This kettlebell can weigh 12,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30 or 32 kilograms depending how you need to train.

This steel competition style kettlebell has an 12 kilogram shell made of steel, inside it has seven cast iron plates weighing 2,2,2,3,3,4 and 4 kilograms. The plates are screwed in (as displayed in images) and secured with a bolt so there is no movement during kettlebell movements. You can add or remove as many plates as you need to adjust the weight for specific workouts. When all plates are inside the kettlebell it weighs 32 kilograms total. With this combination of plates you can adjust the kettlebell to weigh any weight between 8 and 32 in one kilogram increments. Do not worry about any kind of movement or rattle, the plates and the base are screwed in tightly and the kettlebell comes witih the tools.


This competition style kettlebell has seven plates you can use to adjust the weight, they are locked in around a center screw (displayed in images) and then secured with an allen wrench. The kettlebell comes with all necessary tools to adjust the weight as easily as possible. This kettlebell has a 35mm handle. All parts neeeded to switch weights come with the packaging.

Do Not Worry About Which Weight is Right for You!

If you are relatively new to kettlebells or weights this is the most perfect kettlebell for you. It answers all the questions you might have about which weight you need to start with or which weight to do different exercises with. You can easily perform high rep or low rep workouts of the same movement by simply adjusting the weighted plates inside the kettlebell.