Thanks for checking our our Custom Kettlebell page! Custom Painting is available for orders of 40 kettlebells or more, we are not able to do custom work on individual kettlebell orders. We do custom paint work on any cast iron, powder coat, or steel kettlebell that we carry. We are not able to do custom engraving. We do suggest that if you are going to use the kettlebell you keep the handle the original color, because the industrial paint is designed for everyday use. Keep in mind, we can not violate any trademarks or copyrights.

Please fill out the contact form with all details, such as:

  • What size and style kettlebell would you like?
  • What is the exact wording, font, etc... you would like and location?
  • Send us the graphics file, example of color(s) and where you would like them located. Most of our clients like to send a rough sketch to help the artist understand their vision.