Exercises To Strengthen Your Upper And Lower Back Muscles?

Exercises To Strengthen Your Upper And Lower Back Muscles?

With the increase in the popularity of fitness influencers across different social media platforms, people can be seen tuning into different kinds of exercises. Starting from upper arm strengthening to toning up our abs, we have been doing everything to keep ourselves in shape. But, do you think you have done it all right? 

According to the claims made by health experts and fitness gurus, while working on strength training and other forms of exercise are a must, it is also important to work on our back muscles! Now, you might think, why do we even need to train them? Who will anyway take a look at our back? Isn’t working on our abs and core muscles not enough for that “Perfectly toned“ body? 

Well, the truth is, as much as your core muscles and arm muscles help you in day-to-day activities, your back does it all more! From lifting heavy weights to supporting your body’s ultrastructure, your back muscles have a role to play in everything. What’s more is that even if you do not do any “back exercise“ for that matter, your back muscles are still involved in every other exercise you do. Starting from core muscle strengthening to leg workouts, your back is never off duty! This fact pretty much sums up why one needs to train their back muscles as well besides other forms of exercise. 

Additionally, what is worse is that stress can manifest itself in the form of tension and spread to back muscles much faster compared to other body parts! And it is Needless to say tension and stress can together form a couple in our body and give rise to unbearable back pain and discomfort! Thus, if you are also looking to work on your back muscles, want to improve your athletic abilities, or looking for effective exercises to reduce your back pain, this article is for you. 

A strong back not only creates an everlasting impression but also boosts confidence! Read this article till the last to know everything about the anatomy of back muscles and how to strengthen them for an overall fit and healthy body. From the different types of back muscles to strict exercises focusing on each back muscle and mistakes to avoid, this article will compile everything for you in one go! So, without any further ado, let’s dive deep into the topic! 




The Anatomy Of Back Muscles

Our back is not what we think of it always! Except for our back muscles, our back also has many different large muscles to support our body. Thus, it might not be very accurate to say that the muscles that make up our back are our back muscles! They are not. 

While it is beyond our scope to include every muscle of our back in one article, we have grouped them according to their function. While some work on supporting our spine, others have a role to play in our movements from one place to another! 

Starting from the base of our skull and extending across our shoulders till down to the hips, our back muscles have a plethora of roles to play in our body. These groups of muscles attach themselves to our spine and shoulders, and help them in their movement! 

Scientists have grouped our back muscles into three different types, according to their function. If we look at their anatomy, the back muscles are classified into superficial, intermediate, and intrinsic muscles which originate from our skull and run down to the hips! 

1. Superficial Muscles

The superficial muscles make up our upper back muscles and include the Latissimus dorsi (lats), Levator scapulae, Rhomboids, and Trapezius (traps). 


Superficial Muscles

  • Trapezius 

One of the major upper back muscles, the trapezius or the trap helps in the overall movement of our body muscles. Their work is to support the movement of our arms and legs. The trapezius in our back also plays a role in maintaining good posture. 

  • Levator scapulae

The levator scapulae, as the name suggests, works by raising our shoulder blades or our collar bones, the scapula. 

  • Rhomboids

The rhomboids are further classified into two different muscles, the major rhomboids and the minor rhomboids which together act to pull out shoulder blades in the inward direction towards our spine. 

  • Latissimus dorsi (lats)

These muscles which make up our upper back aid in the movement of our shoulders. They help us to move and rotate our shoulders in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. Our lats start from our shoulder blades and extend up to the spins in the lower back. 

2. Intermediate Muscles


The intermediate muscles, unlike the superficial, assist in breathing. They attach themselves to our ribs and help in the contraction and relaxation of our chest, during inhalation and exhalation. The intermediate muscles are of two types, serratus posterior inferior and serratus posterior superior. 

3. Intrinsic Muscle 

Intrinsic Back Muscle

The intrinsic muscles, which are also known as deep muscles, make up our lower back. The intrinsic muscles attach themselves to the spine and aid in their support. They play a major role in bending and rotating the back. The intrinsic muscles are classified into two groups: the erector spinae group and the transversospinalis group.

Exercises To Strengthen The Back Muscles 

While you might not consider it essential, our back also needs some special care and attention! A stronger back not only promotes and boosts our self-esteem but also plays a major role in the overall strengthening of our abs and core muscles. Having a stronger core will be of no use in the absence of a stronger back! Thus, you might want to pay special attention to your back to maintain an overall healthy body. 

According to health reports, humans spend most of their day sitting! While this might sound very normal to us, you have no idea how it negatively affects our bone structure! More sitting means fewer body activities, which ultimately translates into a weaker back, unable to move! Also, stress and tension come free with a weak and immobilized back. 

To conclude, it is important to keep our backs strong, and health is the key to a healthy body. This section has compiled a few exercises to try at your home this new year to promote a stronger back. Follow the steps perfectly and unlock a new way to strengthen your back muscles in 2023! 

1. Chest Supported Row

If you are in search of one perfect exercise to strengthen your lower back muscles, the chest-supported row is the perfect match for you! Targeting the latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, trapezius, and biceps, this exercise is unarguably one of the best forms of exercise to tune into a stronger back! 

How to Perform Chest-Supported Row 


  1. To begin with, a chest-supported row workout, set up your equipment for an interruption-free session! Set up your incline bench with a 30-45-degree angle for maximum support. 
  2. To begin the movement, move closer to the bench with one dumbbell in each hand. Position your chest on the padded portion of the inclined bench.  
  3. Remember not to rest your head or torso on the angled portion of the incline bench. Now, keep the head and the torso on top of the bench and create a long line along the same. 
  4. Follow up the previous step by hanging your arms downwards, and pulling the shoulders down. Now, plant your foot on the floor and release any tension in your lower back. 
  5. Meanwhile, lift the dumbbells and position them upwards towards your rib cage by pulling up the elbows. 
  6. To conclude the exercise, release the shoulder blades once you are done with one repetition. Rest your upper chest on the inclined bench and position your arms back to the initial position. Repeat the above steps for maximum benefit.

2. Seated Row

If you are on the lookout for the perfect back exercise to tone your upper back muscles, the superficial, this is your sign to try the seated row and see the results for yourself. 

How to Perform Seated Row 


  1. To begin your exercise, position yourself on the seated row machine, keeping your feet on the foot platform. 
  2. Now, without bending your spine, simply bend your legs and get a hold of the cable attachment. 
  3. Move back keeping your knees in the bent position and rotate your shoulders outward working your lats. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart with an erect spine. 
  4. Now, bend your elbows, forming a 45-degree angle to your body. Maintain this position for a few seconds. 
  5. Inhale and allow your shoulder to protract, keeping your elbows straight. 
  6. Repeat the above steps for better results.

3. Bent Over Barbell Row

Considered one of the best among its group, the bent-over barbell row works both on the upper and lower back muscles. If you are on the lookout for that ONE workout to solve the majority of your back problems, it is time to make friends with the bent-over barbell row workout. This exercise works the latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, and trapezius alongside strengthening your legs and glutes. 

How to Perform Bent Over Barbell Row?


  1. To initiate the workout session, set up the bent-over barbell row, maintaining similarity with the deadlift! But, unlike the deadlift, it is essential to position your hands a bit wide. Maintain the shoulder width apart for the utmost comfort. 
  2. To begin the exercise, bend your hips, keeping your back straight and steady. Now, lift your equipment keeping your hips at a hinge angle of about 45 degrees, keeping the barbell before your thighs. 
  3. Now, squeeze your abs and row the barbell near your belly button, keeping your shoulders down. 
  4. Maintain this position for a few seconds. Now, to conclude the exercise, Lower your weight slowly to its initial position. 

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4. Pull-up 

While pull-ups target different muscles, it is always better to tune into a compound pull-up exercise For overall back strengthening. If a wider and stronger back is your goal for the new year, the pull-up can be your best match for that matter! 

How to Perform Pull-ups Correctly?


  1. To begin with this athlete’s favorite exercise, all you need to do is Grip the pull-up bar with your hands. Maintain your hands at a shoulder-width length for maximum grip. 
  2. Now, hang with your arms, keeping your knee bent for better support. 
  3. Work your shoulders and core by pulling yourself up. 
  4. Make sure to push yourself upward until your chin is above the pull-up bar. 
  5. To conclude your steps, push yourself down till you reach the initial position. 
  6. Repeat the steps for 10 repetitions. But, do not overwhelm yourself. Listen to your body and repeat until you can! Do not stress yourself out to complete 10 reps! 

Mistakes To Avoid During Back Muscles Workout

While the back muscles workout is gaining a steep momentum these days, many still have no idea about what they are doing. What is more saddening is that people are performing the back muscle exercise in the wrong way, which is leading to more causes of concern! 

To ease out your task, we have reviewed here a few mistakes that you should avoid while doing a back muscle workout to gain your dream Back! Read more to know! 

1. Don’t Use Heavy Weights

If you are a beginner in this space, you might feel overwhelmed seeing everyone giving their best while aiming for a stronger back. This might also make you think that using heavier weights will render a stronger back. But, in reality, the case is different. While using weights suitable according to your body weight is essential, working with excessive weights can cause more harm than good! 

2. Hold Your Torso In A Proper Position

No matter what exercise you perform to achieve a stronger back, nothing will show desirable results if you are not positioning your torso in the right manner. Make sure to release your shoulders every time you stretch for better torso positioning, and ultimately a better workout routine. 

3. Place Your Thumbs Properly

While taking care of your torso and chest is important when it comes to strengthening your back, most people ignore their thumbs! If your thumbs are placed differently from your other fingers, your body will have to take up a lot of load without even distribution of the same. This will limit your gains and worse might cause more harm. Thus, make sure to keep your thumb alongside your other fingers during your workout session for better results! 

4. Avoid Doing It Daily

Additionally, do not overwhelm your body by performing back muscles workout every day for a single week! If you are a beginner, start by incorporating them once or twice a week and extend it to thrice till you reach the intermediate level. If you are a master in this field, you can choose to do the same 4x or 5x times a week. Alternatively, pair up back muscles workout with other workouts such as core strengthening and upper arm stretch for an overall stronger physique! 

Few Final Words

One of the best ways to lead a healthy life is to have a healthy body. As they say, a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Hence, if you want to work on your mental health this year, it is important to approach the same with proper exercise. Research claims that when we have a stronger back, it automatically signals our brain to feel more confident in itself! Thus, having a stronger and sexier back will not only provide for a healthy physique but will also promote our mental health and boost our self-esteem! 

This new year, try these easy peasy at-home back muscle workouts for yourself and see the results! You can mix and match all of them according to your choice to gain maximum results! But, make sure to listen to your body always! Just because your friend is doing a certain exercise, you do not need to try the same! If you feel any kind of discomfort, stop your reps and consult a doctor as soon as possible! Additionally, do not forget to perform warm-ups before and after you are done with the exercise to help your body recover faster!