Single Kettlebell Core Workout

Single Kettlebell Core Workout


Got just one kettlebell? This is the core workout for you. I’ve created a training circuit by incorporating a handful of movements to create a fun, powerful, core workout that you can perform in a variable amount of time.

This lets you perform an incremental workout that you can customize as you gain strength in your core.

First Exercise: Squat Halo

Bring the kettlebell upside down, and get ready for squat halos. Bring the kettlebell around your head in one direction, then around the other direction. Then perform a squat with the bell facing up. Repeat.

Just by holding the kettlebell in front of you, you’ll engage your core. If your weight is too heavy, avoid performing the halo: the movement should be smooth and controlled. Good form is always a must, so if you’re lacking shoulder strength and mobility simply start by performing front squats.

Second Exercise: Dead Start Rotational Clean

Pick an arm. Bring your kettlebell to the ground, and from there pull it all the way up and position it so it rests right between your forearm and your bicep in a rack position. From there, bring it back down and repeat.

Your body will pivot from one side to the other (refer to the video to learn how to exactly perform this exercise) and will create significant pressure in your center of gravity.

Third Exercise: Swing to Catch

Start from a standing position. Do a regular kettlebell swing, then another one but pull the kettlebell up into a catch. Hold hard for a moment to engage your core. This is particularly important, as putting pressure on your lower back is something you want to avoid as much as possible. 

Cycle through these exercises as many times as you can for a fantastic core kettlebell workout!