Kettlebell Kings Announces Creation of Kettlebell Certifications

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We are excited to realize a four year goal for our company this week with the announcement of the Kettlebell Kings Certification! Our certification is created for anyone who wants to move safely and effectively with kettlebells as well as trainers/gym owners who want to be able to teach and grow their business as part of the Kettlebell Kings network of trainers! To be notified as we roll out certification locations or to participate as a trainer or individual, sign up here! Read more below! 


Kettlebell Kings Announces Creation of Comprehensive Kettlebell Certification Program: Live and Virtual Training Available

AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 22, 2019 – Kettlebell Kings ( recently developed both live and virtual kettlebell training programs that it will roll out via its training site: Kettlebell Kings and Living.Fit are the first to host such virtual kettlebell certification programs, bringing in expert trainer Marcus Martinez to help further develop and manage the program. 

Kettlebell Certification is specifically designed to be more affordable than any other existing kettlebell program. The programs teach participants how to safely and effectively utilize kettlebell movements to allow ease and comfortability while working out. Additionally, certification provides students the qualifications they need to teach others how to safely train with kettlebells for building muscle, losing fat, better cardio workouts and much more.

“We are excited to announce the Kettlebell Kings Certification. This is the realization of a three-year-goal for our company — to be able to provide training and certification to go along with the equipment we create. This gives all those who interact with our brand the ability to meet their goals as well as learn how to move safely and effectively with kettlebells,” remarked co-founder Jay Perkins.

The new Kettlebell Certification continues in the company’s pioneering spirit, allowing Kettlebell Kings to be one of the only providers of equipment, education and Kettlebell Certification all from the same source. Kettlebell Kings is fast becoming the industry standard for excellence in kettlebell products. They also provide the largest online virtual library of kettlebell training videos available.

Founded in 2013, Kettlebell Kings sells high quality kettlebells, battle ropes and other exercise equipment in addition to producing training programs to match. Customer service has always been a number one priority for the company, along with its unique “No Shipping Costs” policy on all kettlebells.

Kettlebell Kings currently has more five-star reviews than any other provider on the web, and is the official kettlebell provider to the largest lifting organizations in the U.S.: the Orange Kettlebell Club and the American Kettlebell Alliance.

About Marcus Martinez

One of the most respected names worldwide in kettlebell training, Marcus Martinez is an innovator for kettlebell training in the United States. He specializes in moving kettlebell users from beginning stages of learning into advanced training movement flows and complexes. Martinez brings over a decade of kettlebell training experience to Kettlebell Kings and Living.Fit with his proven training methodology.

About Kettlebell Kings

Kettlebell Kings carries kettlebells, battle ropes, sports equipment and other apparel for the modern exercise enthusiast. With over 900 five-star reviews on the website and more on Google, the Austin-based Kettlebell Kings has built a business based on a customer-first model. The company offers an extraordinary customer-service experience by answering questions, providing high quality products and addressing any customer issues immediately. Kettlebell Kings provides fast and free shipping on every single product they sell, and also controls the largest virtual library of kettlebell tutorial videos available online. Browse the kettlebell selection and more at:

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