Kettlebell Complex: 1-10 Ladder

Kettlebell Complex: 1-10 Ladder

Kettlebell Complexes, sometimes called Kettlebell Flows are a great addition to kettlebell training. There are a number of reasons to utilize Kettlebell Complexes. Like any kettlebell exercise they are an incredible way to build strength and endurance while burning calories, but one of the things we like most about Kettlebell Complexes is how creative you can be. There are virtually endless combinations you can create to keep your workouts new and exciting.

Our goal is to put out regular Kettlebell Complexes with some of the Kettlebell Experts we work with. Our first Kettlebell Complex is created by Bill Esch. Bill has a great Instagram (@kettlebellwarrior) where he publishes workouts and tips as well.

Like any kettlebell workout, it is very important to make sure you have mastered the individual movements before moving on to a Kettlebell Complex. If you have not mastered some of the basic movements of kettlebells we recommend you have a look at the column on the right which breaks down training movements. Our Weekly Kettlebell Workouts is a a great way to get started in kettlebell workouts if this is your first time reading one of our posts.

Kettlebell Complex

Warmup for 15 minutes in a manner you like.

Then, 1-10 ladder of:

Then cool down with stretching. You can click on each movement to see a slowed down demonstration and explanation of how to perform. The video below puts it all together in workout format.

The 1-10 Ladder means do one of each movement to complete one round, followed by two of each movement to complete a round, then three of each movement and so on. Up until you do 10 of each movement. Break up as needed for rest, but push yourself to get through it.

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Kettlebell Complex: 1-10 Ladder with Single Arm Row, Lunge to Squat Clean, Sots Press, Thruster, Snatch, Snatch to Lunge. Do all your rep on one side an then repeat on the other.

How To:

  • Single Arm Row: start off in a launch stance making sure that you keep a straight line from the back ankle to your ear. Reach down with your arm that is opposite of the leg that is forward and row the bell back towards the hip. Make sure to retract the shoulder blade towards the spine as you row.
  • Lunge to Squat clean: start in the launch position with the bell in-line the leg that is extended back. As you step up with the back leg clean the bell to the shoulder simultaneously as that back foot steps forward make sure to have both feet parallel and hip width apart so that you can sit comfortably into the squat. Once the bell is caught in the squat position stand up and step back to a lunge. Place the bell back in the starting position to restart.
  • Sots press: start off in a standing position with the bell and one hand. Resting the bell slightly on the shoulder and the elbow elevated slightly away from him tighten the house, screw your feet into the ground and pull yourself into a deep squat. At the bottom of the squat make sure you can keep your abs tight and your glutes squeezed, only go as deep as you can keeping your body contracted and tight. In that deep squat press the bell overhead to full extension. After the bell is locked out return the bell to the shoulder in the squatting position and complete your designated reps.

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Thanks to Bill Esch for putting this great complex together for us. We recommend following him on Instagram (@kettlebellwarrior) for more great workouts and advice. Additionally, you can read more about Bill and the trainin he offers in person and online at

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