Intro To Kettlebell Sport Part 3: The Kettlebell Sport Snatch

Intro To Kettlebell Sport Part 3: The Kettlebell Sport Snatch

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We received a lot of really positive feedback and interest from our first post introducing people to Kettlebell Sport so we are breaking it down into a series. Like we mentioned, we love so much about kettlebell sport because it gives you great goals to motivate your workouts, its cominbation of strength and endurance as well as the mental tenacity it builds for all aspects of life.

Brittany van Schravendijk is going to work with us on creating a few different sub posts about the different aspects of Kettlebell Sport for those interested. Today, Brittany is going to show us the Kettlebell Sport 'Snatch'. The Snatch is one of the movements kettlebell sport athletes train and compete in and it a favorite of Kettlebell Kings because its utilization of the entire body.

Quick refresher on Kettlebell Sport and why we love it:

The Basics of Kettlebell Sport:

endurance kettlebell lifting, lifters have 10 minutes to complete as many reps as possible efficiency and technique are important to maintain energy throughout set lifters compete in specific lifts with either one arm or two arms

The Benefits:

great goals to motivate your workouts blend of strength, endurance, balance and coordination in one workout equals efficiency build amazing mental tenacity, this carries over to other aspects of life

The snatch is arguably the most technical of all Kettlebell Sport lifts, but do not let that scare you! That is why we are creating this post, to help break it down for you.

In the video below, Brittany goes over The Snatch. She answers some frequently asked questions.

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The Principles:

  • First, make sure you have watched the Intro to the Kettlebell Swing
  • Apply the pricinples of the kettlebell sport swing to give the bell momentum with the double knee bend so it goes upward before even starting the snatch movement
  • Your grip needs to be fairly loose at the top of the swing so you can direct the bell to the overhead position by pulling your shoulder back and 'punching' your hand up
  • Open your fingers early enough during the 'swing' portion so the bell can flip over and you can fully insert your hand
  • MOST IMPORTANT, being able to 'drop' the bell so it does tear or blister your hand, Brittany goes over the principles of this
  • Counter balance the weight of the bell so the bell does not yank you at the bottom

The kettlebell snatch lift can take quite some time to master, so do not feel bad if you think this is a lot of information to take in. Luckily, we try to generate tons of helpful content to guide you as well as provide the best equipment to train with.

We have created a 4 Week Training Program You Can Sign Up For Here:

We recommend connecting with a Kettlebell Sport coach in your area, contacting Brittany or contacting us for ways to find someone you can train with.

If you would like to begin training in Kettlebell Sport you can contact us at, 855-7KETTLE and we can get you in touch with some great folks to start a training regimen. Additionally, you can contact Brittany with her info below.

To see the bells that Brittany and other world record holders train with, click the link below!

Brittany is a Master of Sport, World Record Holder, and National Record Holder in Kettlebell Sport. She learned how to lift kettlebells at one of the top Kettlebell Sport gyms in the United States, Ice Chamber, which has produced seven female Master of Sport lifters to date (Brittany is the most recent one).

Brittany is the Head Coach of Kettlebell Sport at KOR Strength and Conditioning in San Diego, California. She has traveled all over the world to teach Kettlebell Sport workshops. Brittany is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA.

You can find more information about Brittany on her website, which contains information, tips, videos, and tutorials on kettlebell lifting.

 List of accomplishments:

  • Youngest American female Master of Sport

  • World Record Holder in 2x20kg and 2x16kg Long Cycle

  • National RecordHolder in 24kg Biathlon

  • National Champion in 24kg Snatch

  • Master of Sport, 24kg Snatch

  • Master of Sport, 24kg Long Cycle

  • Silver medalist in 16kg Snatch at the IUKL World Championships, Junior category

Instagram: @kbfitbritt
Facebook: KB Fit Britt
YouTube: Brittany van Schravendijk

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