The Kettlebell Sport Crunch

The Kettlebell Sport Crunch

In our effort to bring you more information about Kettlebell Sport we are back with the good folks at Texas Kettlebell Academy to talk about The Kettlebell Sport Crunch. If you have not read any of our previous posts about Kettlebell Sport, we recommend starting here.

The crunch refers to the details of elbow positions in the rack position during the first dip and the catch of the bells after the drop during the Kettlebell Jerk. The kettlebell jerk can be its own isolated lift or part of Long Cycle, which a clean and a jerk. The video below will illustrate and show you what rack position is, if you are not familiar with it:

knees straight elbows down into the body good curve of the back which transfers all of weight onto hips the body comes forward DO NOT lean backwards, body leans forward with weight to toes

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So, when you dip in order to give yourself upward momentum in your lift, the body comes forward a bit and you want to crunch your elbows into the body to make like a coiled spring.

When you 'catch' the bells when they come down from the jerk position, you want to catch them straight back into the crunch position. Do not catch them in a straight line next to your sides.

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