2 Great Full Body Kettlebell Exercises

2 Great Full Body Kettlebell Exercises

Got a kettlebell? Then read this: today we're bringing you a very simple full-body workout in which your body will function as a whole unit. It's composed of just one exercise: the Dead Start Clean.

Dead Start Clean

Position the kettlebell on the ground and stand with your legs along each side of it. The first movement is a hinge, getting the posterior, hamstring, and glutes activated, then moving into a pull with one hand, activating the upper back, traps, biceps, forearm, and grip, then moving into a kettlebell rack position, which will activate shoulders and upper back and your entire core. Then perform a squat, activating your legs, and with that, you get a full-body kettlebell exercise.

Perform the same exercise for 40 seconds on each arm with a 15-second rest in between, or adapt it to your conditioning regime as you see fit!



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