12 Days of Kettlebells | Day 11 - Christmas Kettlebell Recap

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12 Days of Kettlebells

Day 11 - Christmas Kettlebell Recap

Christmas Kettlebell Recap

As our 12 Days of  Kettlebells countdown draws to an end and Christmas approaches, we thought it’s the perfect time to have a little recap of what we’ve had so far!

If you’ve stuck with us for the past 10 days you’ll have had plenty of Christmas workouts to make sure you’ve earnt your Christmas Dinner! You might also have found a bargain or two to add to your  kettlebell collection.

So here they are then, our 10 days of  Kettlebells!

Day 1 - Christmas Exercise Set 1

Day 2 - Kettlebell Ornament Feature

Day 3 - Christmas Exercise Set 2

Day 4 - Christmas Exercise Set 3

Day 5 - Adjustable Kettlebells

Day 6 - Christmas Exercise Set 4

Day 7 - Christmas Exercise Set 5

Day 8 - Cerakote Kettlebells

Day 9 - Christmas Exercise Set 6

Day 10 - Powder Coat Kettlebells

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