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Our Kettlebells are tested and approved by experts and publications. THEY ARE COMMONLY SEEN IN various GYMS WITH ADHERENCE TO STRICT WEIGHT LEVEL REQUIREMENTS.


Build Muscle With a Plan

Are you still pushing yourself every day to reach your fitness goals? Maybe you’ve even moved on to some of our more challenging courses and you’re loving your results. Our courses aren’t easy. Find a plan for your goals today!

What Makes Kettlebell Kings the Best for Individuals and Gyms?

Kettlebells Kings have an unmatched feel, texture, and a well-formed, balanced kettlebell. Our quality construction includes a void-free surface, smooth handle, and a flat base for stability. This high-quality equipement allows for more comfortable workouts to help you reach your goals quickly. We have consulted with the foremost experts to create uniquely-designed kettlebells that work effectively for functional training. Kettlebell Kings offers fast, free kettlebell shipping with purchases of $150 or more and each purchase is guaranteed with lifetime warranties and third parties who guarantee your purchase.




Kettlebells focus on improving the overall strength, core power, balance, flexibility, and coordination of the body. Kettlebells can help melt body fat and further sculp healthy and lean muscles. The best thing about Kettlebells is that they offer the possibility for a wide range of movements that target every muscle group for a total body workout. We recommend following an expert workout plan to achieve your goals.

Combined with a balanced diet and an expertly designed kettlebell training program, one can expect to see cardio, strength, muscle, and fat loss results. With consistent use, results may appear after 30 days.

Results include:

Cardio: Kettlebell training can improve the cardiovascular system due to exercises that challenge the heart and lungs during a short period of time. Continuous kettlebell swings and other ballistic exercises can impact the metabolic system.

Strength: Kettlebell exercises work various muscle zones, resulting in improved functional strength. The kettlebell clean and press is an excellent exercise for developing strength.

Core Integration: One of the biggest advantages of kettlebell training is the ability to develop a strong core without doing only abdominal specific exercises. This creates a strong core that can help alleviate back pain.

Pain-free Mobility: With the help of the kettlebell, many have observed a decrease in joint pain and improved joint mobility due to the multi-directional movements performed.

Generally, an active person can start using a kettlebell between 16kg/35 lb and 24kg/53 lb. Those who are currently less active should consider starting with a 6kg/13lb to an 8 kg/18 lb kettlebell. Learn more about finding your ideal kettlebell weight here.

Kettlebell training is highly effective because it stimulates many different muscles and surpasses standard cardio exercises. Kettlebells also enable an individual to improve body strength. This helps to increase one's speed and simultaneously. Kettlebells are used for explosive workouts that combine strength training, cardiovascular fitness, and flexibility while strengthening the core and improving flexibility. The unique shape and off-center mass of kettlebells allow for exercises which mimic real-life activities.

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