Kettlebell Muscle
Kettlebell Muscle
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Kettlebell Kings

Kettlebell Muscle

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The 4 week kettlebell muscle program uses bodybuilding exercises and the metabolic protocol to stimulate new muscle growth so you can take your training to another level, without having to learn traditional kettlebell training methods.

You will be training alongside Funk Roberts with each Real-Time Follow Along workout videos.

You can make muscle gain promises to yourself all day and night, but if you are doing the same exercises, workouts and using the same equipment over and over again, you are eventually HIT A PLATEAU! Within this 4 Week program we are going to introduce a new piece of equipment that works to stimulate more muscle growth… and once you finish this program, go back to your dumbbells and barbell and watch your strength, PR’s and muscle explode. All you need is a set of kettlebells which you can find at ay gym if you don’t’ have your own in the next 4 weeks you’ll have more muscle, more strength and also build an affinity for kettlebell training.

Each workout inside the Kettlebell Muscle 4 Week Bodybuilding Workout Challenge combines hypertrophy exercises with one of our patented  metabolic training protocols that never fail - and now we’ll do them with kettlebells!

What's included:
  • KB Muscle Follow Along Workout Videos
  • KB Muscle Demo Workout Videos
  • Kettlebell Muscle Main Training Guide
  • KB Muscle 4 Week Success Calendar
  • Full Done for You Nutrition Plan for Men & Women
  • Perfect Abs Workout Finisher Workout Video
  • Warm Up and Post Stretch Routines
  • Mobility and Range of Motion Routines
  • KBSA Private Facebook Support Community
  • Monthly LIVE Coaching Call with Coach Funk & Angela
  • Access on Protected Website
  • APP Access - Funk Fitness Shred APP and Apple TV
Once You Follow These Kettlebell Muscle Workout Videos You Will Experience:
  • Powerful bodybuilding exercises using kettlebells that really work
  • The best kettlebell exercises to build lean hard muscle
  • Gaining muscle mass quickly and efficiently
  • Nutrition plan to feed your body the macros and micros to build muscle
  • Breaking through any muscle building plateaus
  • How you can use the “mind over muscle” to your advantage
  • Why kettlebells are one of the best tools to include your muscle building workouts

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