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Forearm Wrist Roller Blaster

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The PowrX Forearm Wrist Roller Blaster Exerciser is a durable and long-lasting tool designed to strengthen your forearms and improve grip strength. With its unique design for better performance, lightweight and portable nature, and suitability for all fitness levels, it is the perfect companion for everyday workouts and can enhance your performance in various activities and sports.

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  • Strengthen Your Forearms: the PowrX Forearm Wrist Roller Blaster Exerciser is the perfect tool to improve your grip strength and forearm muscles.
  • Unique Design for Better Performance: our wrist roller exerciser features a unique design that allows for more control, strength, and resistance during your workouts.
  • Durable and Long-Lasting: made with high-quality materials, our forearm strengthener can maintain optimal performance even after long-term use.
  • Lightweight and Portable: our wrist roller blaster is easy to use and perfect for everyday workouts. Take it with you wherever you go and never miss a workout again.
  • Perfect for All Fitness Levels: whether you're an Olympic athlete or just starting out, our forearm curler is the perfect tool to help you build strength and improve your performance in different activities and sports.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Quality plates to step up my gym gains.

These plates are good quality and look great at the same time. The crossbone detail is unique and I like the green additive. If you are dropping these on the ground when deadlifting they will get scratched up but gym equipment isn’t made to be pretty. They are indeed 25 lbs each as they specify. They are a bit pricey but in my opinion the quality matches.

Tyler Shields
Just one

This one Weight matches this other one i have. It works great with another or different weight. I enjoy the performance it gives me.

It’s a plate!

I’ve struggled to find anything bad to say… it is accurate in its weight, good size, fits Olympic bar, it’s perfect.

The design is what sets it apart from all other weights. The brand logo looks great on the weight and it will draw peoples interest! Absolutely recommend!

GA Reviewer
Perfect plates. Cool looking. Extra large width.

We got these for a home gym corner we are building out in our basement.
My husband’s first reaction to these was to pop online and try to buy even more of them.
They are really wide in the design of them.
We truly LOVE them, and are only hesitating over the price to buy a bunch more. They are a nice little splurge for a home gym.
Note there’s no bar or clamps- it’s just the set of 2 plates included.
They have a bit of a rubbery feel to them, so they aren’t just hard metal. I like the make and material of them. I also like that they won’t dent my flooring like metal might if put down a little carelessly.
I also love the little skull design on them- it looks really cool and makes me think of pirates when I go to work out.
Overall I’d recommend them.

Heather C. Redding
These are great!

Great quality flexible plates. Fit perfect on generic weight bars. Love that these won’t damage our floors if dropped or bounced. Have slight tire smell but can’t smell it unless you’re right up against it. They’re attractive and nicely marked. The center is metal. Decent pricing. My husband is a fan. Will be ordering the heavier plates too! Would definitely recommend.