Powder Coats

Powder Coating is one of the most durable form of kettlebell paints available on the market. It prevents corrosion, chipping and creates a great surface to grip. Powder Coat also holds chalk really well compared to matte or e-coat finishes. We offer two different lines of Powder Coat Kettlebells. You can shop in kilogram increments or American style 5 pound increments. Both bells have the same powder coating but differ in dimensions and weight increments.

Choose between Powder Coat Kettlebells in Kilogram increments or American style 5 pound increments!

powder coat kettlebells powder coat kettlebells

The kettlebells in the kilogram based series tend to have a smooth, textured finish compared to the kettlebells in the American style series which has a grittier, textured finish. Both of these are highly reviewed, but you might choose one or the other depending on how you like the finish of the kettlebell and before swapping out between the two series.

What is the difference between our Powder Coat Kettlebells and other 'powder coat kettlebells'?

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