When it comes to weight exercises, the kettlebell has become a very popular fitness tool in the last decade. It is versatile, efficient and also cost-effective. A single kettlebell can be used to target various kinds of muscle groups at once. If you are thinking about getting a kettlebell for home workouts, then here are some of the most important details that you should consider.

What are the different type of kettlebells?

Basically, there are two kettlebell design types. There's the Russian-style classic kettlebell, and the competition kettlebell. Depending on their uses, they can be categorized further below.

Cast Iron Kettlebell

Cast iron kettlebells are always available at Kettlebell Kings. Made of high-quality iron ore, they are single pieces of cast iron, without any joints welded together. This gives the kettlebell more balance and durability, and completely avoids the risk of the dreaded "kettlebell rattle" that happens to lower-quality kettlebells when their fillings come off.

Competition Kettlebell

As the name suggests, competition kettlebell is what professionals and athletes use in a competition. The major difference with this kettlebell is that it comes in various weights, but the shape and size remains the same unaffected by weight. It is made of steel and is slightly more durable than a cast iron kettlebell. It is specifically designed for high repetition exercises.

Powder Coat Kettlebells 

Powder coat kettlebells are another staple of the Kettlebell Kings shop. They are a variation of the cast iron kettlebell with a powder coating applied to them. This prevents damage to the kettlebell and increases the handling grip. Also, the power-coated surface helps in retaining the chalk better. These come in a wide range of sizes.

Adjustable Kettlebells 

Adjustable kettlebells are a great fitness tool if you want to buy a single kettlebell with a lot of weight customization value. You can increase or decrease weight on an adjustable kettlebell, typically on a range of 10 Lbs to 40 Lbs, which saves space and money!

Which Kettlebell Should I buy? 

There are a lot of factors that you should consider before buying a kettlebell. Factors like kettlebell sizes, kettlebell weight, and probably above all, your budget. If you are a beginner, kettlebells with less weight would be optimal for your workout regime. With time and training, you can move on to heavier kettlebells to increase the intensity of your workout. For home and gym workouts, the powder-coat kettlebell is generally preferred, as it provides great grip and comfortable handle diameter.

Kettlebells for beginners (Weight)

When it comes to kettlebell weight recommendations for beginners, it should go up to 22-26 Lbs (10-12 Kg), or 13-17 Lbs (6-8 Kg) for absolute beginners. However, weight can be gradually increased once the technique is properly achieved. We advise beginners against starting their fitness journey with larger kettlebell sizes, as it could lead to injury or the development of improper form right from the beginning.

Kettlebells for Men

Kettlebells are a great fitness tool for men, especially for upper body workouts. There is a huge range of kettlebell types that can be used, both for upper body and lower body workouts. Starting with a 26 Lbs (12 Kg) kettlebell and then moving on to 35 Lbs (16 Kg) with the goal of slowly reaching 52 Lbs (24 Kg).

Kettlebells for Women

Kettlebell exercises for women are great when they are looking to build overall strength. It can be a very versatile tool for women and can be used in various muscle training exercises as well. We advise starting with a 13 Lbs (6 Kg) kettlebell and moving on to 17 Lbs (8 Kg) once the technique is properly achieved.


What type of kettlebell is best?

If you're not a professional athlete, we recommend you get a powder-coat kettlebell since the bigger handle and easy grip will help when developing a proper technique.

How heavy should my kettlebell be?

The recommended weight of a kettlebell for a woman is between 18 Lbs (8kg) and 26 Lbs (12kg), and for men, it is between 26 Lbs (12kg) and 44 Lbs (20kg). Adjustable kettlebells are great for any fitness enthusiast as they allow you to adjust the weight and increase or decrease it as per your workout requirements. 

Which kettlebell weight should I start with?

It is suggested that a woman should go for kettlebell between 6-8 Kg (13-17 Lbs), while a man should go for 26-35 Lbs (12-16 Kg). After a certain period of beginner training, you can increase the kettlebell weights.

Do I need 1 or 2 kettlebells?

That would totally depend on the type of exercise. Using a single kettlebell is enough to achieve great results, but you will need two kettlebells for some specific movements or workouts.