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Full Length, Follow Along Workouts

Follow along with hours of full length, instructional workouts. Choose from a wide selection of workouts ranging from 10-30 minutes each. Through out the workout listen to expert cues about form, rep count and time for incredible workouts to burn calories! View the sample to the left by clicking on the top image.

What Have We Created?

This is a vibrant community designed for learning and interaction amongst members and experts through questions, commenting and discussion on workout posts as well as monthly challenges and hundreds of workout ideas.

We have hundreds of free, short movement demos and mash ups of our popular weekly workouts! In addition, for an optimal training experience we have longer demonstrations which have thorough written and verbal cues by your trainer as well as steps for Proper Set Up, Applications, Key Points, How to Avoid Common Errors and more.

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Learn more about the different training systems available at Living.Fit! Save 10% on your next order when you sign up for our annual membership at Living.Fit which includes hundreds of kettlebell movement demonstrations, hours of full length workouts, hundreds more discussions of nutrition, lifestyle, stretching, active release and more all designed to help you Live Fit! When you enroll in an annual membership at Living.Fit, automatically receive a coupon code for 10% off your next kettlebell purchase!

Monthly Challenges for Kettlebell Kings and Living.Fit Equipment

Build strength, compete and win in this month's Snatch Challenge!

Use #kbklivingfit and #livingfitchallenge on social media as well as share your experience in the Living.Fit forums for a chance to win! Winners this month will win a Competition Kettlebell of your choosing from Kettlebell Kings!

Feel Better By Learning How To Stretch & Recover

Improve your workouts and make them safer by increasing your range of motion through stretching and mobility. The better you can move, the safer and effective your workouts will be!

Improve your mobility in order to lift kettlebells safely and effectively. In order to get the maximum benefit from kettlebell lifting, you need to be able to utilize your full range of motion. The movements in this section will improve your passive and active range of motion.

Thoughts From Living.Fit Community Members

"Just signed up. This is great! The instruction is grade AAA. I’ve been looking for something like this to do more with kettlebells and also for my son who likes the flexibility in kettlebell movements and workouts. I hope to buy high quality KK kettlebells soon."

- JB -


"Thank you for the great demos! Kettlebells are my favorite piece of workout equipment. I look forward to learning much more. Thanks to you & Kettlebell Kings for providing this service!"

- Delia -

"With three severely smashed, broken vertebrae at the age of ten, I was unable to participate in sports all my life. But with your kettlebell routines, with a little adjustment because of my spine, I'm getting in the best condition, and living life more fully, than I have in thirty years. Thank you so much"

- James -


Hundreds of Explanations About How To Eat Correctly

We have added hours of nutritional explanations for members of our Trainer Experience at Living.Fit to choose from at their convenience. For less than a gym membership you have yearly access to hundreds of thorough explanations, full length workouts, health, nutrition and more. You can choose to follow along, view a quick mash up and watch detailed explanations of each movement in the workout when you are a member of the Trainer Experience.

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