A lot of the questions we receive from customers have to do with wanting to know the difference between the different types of kettlebells we offer.

Below are descriptions of our three most popular types of kettlebells: powder coating, cast iron and steel competition kettlebells.

Powder Coat Kettlebells

  • Precision made by machine molding, so dimensions and weight are more accurate than traditional kettlebells
  • Matte black Powder Coating is the most durable form of kettlebell paint available and lasts longer than traditional kettlebell paint
  • Colored bands on handles indicate weight for easy identification according to international standards
  • Cast as one solid piece of cast iron creates a stronger kettlebell
  • Stamped in Kilograms and Pounds on side opposite of logo
  • Kettlebell Kings logo engraved into kettlebell so it will not break off
  • kettlebells vary in size depending on the weight of the kettlebell

The biggest difference between our powder coat kettlebells and cast iron kettlebells is the powder coating, which is more durable, the colored bands on the handles which indicate weight and the weight stamped pounds and kilograms. Our cast iron series do not have these. Structurally they are the same kettlebell. Kettlebells size vary by weight, compared to steel kettlebells which are the same size regardless of weight.

Cast Iron Kettlebells

  • "Gravity Cast" Molding With No Welds, Weak Spots, Seams or Burrs 
  •  Thick, Smooth, Handles Optimized to Prevent Chafing 
  •  Cast as one solid piece rather than attaching a handle, creates higher durability
  •  Flat base for easy storage

The biggest difference between our cast iron series and our powder coat series is the coating. The powder coat kettlebells have a more durable coating and will stay looking pristine for longer. The coating on our cast iron kettlebells are more durable then store bought brands, but do not hold up to wear and tear as well as the powder coating. All cast iron kettlebells are only stamped in kilograms and say 'kettlebellkings.com. Also kettlebell sizes vary depending on weight, steel competition kettlebells are all the same size regardless of weight.

Steel Competition Kettlebells

  • regulation 33 mm diameter handle
  • color coded to international standards
  • bare metal handle, no paint stripping needed for use with or without chalk
  • gravity cast to specific weight
  • made for kettlebell sport

All Steel Competition Kettlebells are the same size dimensions regardless of the weight of the kettlebell. Any weight will always fit your hands and forearms in the exact same way.