Why You Should Invest in a Competition Kettlebell 

The popularity of kettlebell workouts has skyrocketed in recent years. You’ve probably encountered at least a few of your fellow gym-goers swinging a kettlebell or holding one to enhance a squat. If you like boot camp-style classes or have done personal training, you may have even tried out a few of the movements yourself. Whether you’re new to kettlebells or a seasoned kettlebell athlete, it can be a challenge deciding which kettlebell to invest in. Two of the most common questions we get are 'Will a competition kettlebell work for me?' and 'Why would I get a competition kettlebell?'.

At Kettlebell Kings, we know a thing or two about what works for beginning kettlebell athletes. The models you see on our website have all evolved over time based on feedback from some of the top kettlebell lifters in the country. There are a ton of solid (and hollow) options for people looking to invest in their first kettlebell. If your goals are to build strength, swing casually, or train professionally, we have the kettlebell for you. Here are a few reasons we think you should seriously consider investing in a competition bell, even if you are just starting out.

Innovative Window and Handle Design

Our competition kettlebells feature a unique window design of smaller size and curvature, we show this in detail on our kettlebell pages. The thought behind the design is based on feedback from professional lifters to provide optimal comfort overhead and in the rack position during lifts because it allows for easier insertion.  Comfort and easier insertion lead to a better workout and more repetitions which is the goal in kettlebell lifting. If you are not comfortable and cannot easily insert your hands and wrist into the bell during the lift this will negatively affect your workout goals.  These modifications will help you take your training to the next level. In addition, the handle is the international standard of 35mm or 33mm in diameter. It provides a surface area that allows you to push out more reps, as well as an untreated and unpolished handle for the best grip possible with or without chalk. 


All of the weight in our competition kettlebells is in the top of the bell and the handle. This ensures that the kettlebell does not pull the lifter's arm to the outside when overhead or in the rack (resting at waist level) yielding injury prevention and energy conservation.  In kettlebells with the weight distributed throughout the bell like a cast iron bell the weight in the lower half of the bell well more easily pull your arms out of alignment during competitive lifts like snatches, jerks, clean and jerks or any overhead movement. This is perhaps the single biggest difference or reason one should consider owning one of our hollow competition kettlebells compared to any other type of kettlebell. Kettlebells of the same weight will feel more balanced and lighter in our competition kettlebell models compared to all other types of kettlebells. 

Built for Life

Our competition kettlebells come with a lifetime warranty. We are so confident in the quality of our product that we promise it will last a lifetime. No other competition kettlebell comes with this level of guarantee. Even better, we guarantee the weight on your kettlebell will be accurate within 0.3 kilograms. If it’s not, we will send you a new kettlebell for free. 

Endorsed by the Best

If you want to be a great athlete, you should train like a great athlete. Our competition kettlebell is used by some of the best kettlebell professionals in the world. Just a few of the awesome people using this product include:

  •  Steve Cotter & International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation (IKFF)
  • World Association of Kettlebell Sports Clubs World Championship
  • The TX Open Kettlebell Sport Championship
  • California Open Kettlebell Sport Championship
  • Japan Kettlebell Sport Championship

These are people who take the quality of their training very seriously. Follow their lead by exploring with a competition kettlebell.

Quality Cast

Our kettlebells are made from a single steel cast. In other words, we construct the kettlebell as one solid piece instead of welding together several pieces to create one kettlebell. We don’t use any fillers in our kettlebells, so your kettlebell will always feel balanced. Also, the majority of the bell’s weight is near the top of the bell by the handle, which makes it feel lighter than other competition kettlebells of the same size.     

Common Questions

Does the competition kettlebell work for two-arm swings?

The inner window of our competition kettlebells measures 113mm across and 64.5mm top to bottom. It is your choice if you want to use the competition kettlebell for your two-handed swings, but there should not be any reason you can’t. Many people find that the smaller window actually improves their ability to perform all kettlebell movements, including swings. 

How can I use the competition kettlebell?

Any way you want! The competition kettlebell is the most diverse bell we offer because it is designed for high-rep exercises, but it can also be used for traditional lifts, including squats, goblet squats, the Turkish get-up, and bent press.

Kettlebell Kings offers free, fast shipping across the United States and Canada. With a diverse range of options for all levels of kettlebell users, our bells are some of the best on the market. Call us at 855-7KETTLE or visit our website to invest in your workouts today.