Kettlebell Kings Cerakote design competition

MidWest Firearm Solutions

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MidWest Firearm Solutions


"We are Cerakote's #1 rated Cerakote applicator in the central United States. We started this business back in 2014 when I was having some medical issues. At the time I was a patrol officer with the Omaha Police Department and wasn't sure with my medical problems I would be able to continue doing that so I needed something to do for the "just in case". After working four years doing this part time I made the jump and left the Police Department and went full time and never looked back. Since then the business has taken off and now I have far more time to spend with the family! I live by the motto "live one day at a time because you never know when your last day will be", never look back and follow your dreams because you only get one chance at life!" 

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Bell Design inspiration

"Our design is a never-before seen woodgrain kettlebell with an all black handle. This one-of-a-king bell will make an excellent addition to somebody's kettlebell collection."

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Vote for this Cerakote kettlebell design by Midwest Firearm Solutions by liking or commenting on the Instagram post linked below. To find out more about the Kettlebell Kings Cerakote Design Competition click here.