Kettlebell Kings Cerakote Design Competition

FDA Coatings

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FDA Coatings


"At FDA Coatings I am always looking for a new custom project, I have a production side here where everything is the same and mostly single color items.  But where we stand out is when customers come to us with a project that is new and never done before.  Working with customers directly to pull out that one design that fits their personality and meets our standards for a quality custom finish that we are proud to promote on our pages.  This was up there with one of my favorite jobs, and while I was painting them for the second, third and fourth times I was streamlining the process to repeat the design if Kettlebell Kings decides to be a repeat customer.  I have this design worked down to three steps and the fastest possible completion time.  The final design was done on two kettlebells in about an hour and a half hands on time.  I would love to be able to work together with Kettlebell Kings in the future for more custom designs and to repeat this design as much as needed.  I am currently working with some folks to get into outdoor products like coolers, UTV and Jeep parts and several other non-firearms related fields." 

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Bell Design inspiration

"My inspiration was mixed, I made a Captain America AR for a customer that wanted it based off the last movie when Captain America picked up Thor's hammer. I did the lightning covered design and liked the paint style with the dark metallic background. When the Kettlebell thing started up I really liked the idea of a Hammer grip design like Thors hammer, and thought the cracked head with "lightning" coming out would look cool. The first design was super basic and it evolved as I worked out what I wanted to do. This one kettlebell got Cerakoted 4 times to be at the finish line, but the final design is solid."

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