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Best Resistance Band Workout Programs & Workouts by Kettlebell Kings

Fitness goals can be achieved through various requirements and one such piece of equipment is resistance bands. Resistance bands are great for people who either have a home gym or prefer to work without weights. It can provide similar results to what people can achieve with weights in a gym. The resistance band workout programs are great if you are looking to increase the strength of your muscles without using traditional weights. A full resistance band workout plan can be used to work on all types of muscle groups in your body and can be used by both men and women. 

What are the resistance bands workout benefits?

When it comes to resistance band training, has a lot more benefits when compared to other types of workouts where you have to lift heavy weights. Here are some of the major benefits.

Fewer chances of injury

Since you will not be lifting heavy weights, there are fewer chances of injury. Some resistance bands even provide better muscle activity than weight training. It involves a lower amount of force and less strain on the muscles. The best part about the elastic band workout program is that it can even be done by people who previously had an injury or joint pain. 

Balanced posture and Core Activation

Resistance band workout programs can help you add an element of stabilization and balance to your workouts. Due to this, you will have to engage the core a lot more while using it. Since these provide resistance, it requires more control over the muscle to avoid it from snapping back. Therefore, it improves the overall range of motion and the ability to change the momentum.

More Exercise options and Inexpensive

With weight exercises, you will only have a limited number of exercises that can be done. However, with resistance bands, there is more range of exercises that can be incorporated with other fitness equipment. At the same time, these are available in various resistance and are fairly inexpensive.

5 resistance band workouts for daily training 

There are different types of workouts that can be done in resistance band workout programs. If you are planning to create a full resistance band workout plan for yourself, then here are 5 best resistance band workouts that you should incorporate.

Lunges Lift

Lunges is one of the most basic exercises that can help you train the tight, hips and butt muscles. However, using a resistance band it can improve the intensity and make your muscles even stronger. Simply place the resistance band around both your upper thigh while doing the lunges. It will bring more resistance are you lunge forward, which is going to train your muscles even further.


Squats are a great exercise in itself. Using a resistance band will put more pressure on your glutes and abductors. which also engages your hips and thighs. Simply place the resistance band above your knees and do your normal squats.

Bicycle crunches

It is a great workout in resistance band training programs and helps train your muscles in the glutes, hamstrings and quads. Lie on the floor with your back and place the resistance band around the shoe laces. Start pedalling like on a bicycle with your right knee to meet your left elbow.


This modification in planks allows you to work on your shoulder, biceps, obliques and abs altogether. Wrap the band around your upper arms and come into the plank position. From here, walk your hands to the right three times, and then walk them to the left three times. Do this while retaining the tension in the arms for maximum effect.


This variation of pushups in the resistance band workout plan will also help to train your outer glutes and thighs. Simply add the resistance band above your knees and start doing push-ups. Do one pushup and lift your right leg up a couple of inches from the floor and reach it to the right and then back to the centre. Do it with each leg after one pushup for maximum effect.

What are the recommended resistance bands workout for beginners

If you are a beginner, who has just started to use resistance band, then the best resistance band exercises for beginners include lunges and squats, while engaging the core at the same time. These exercises are great to work your core and lower muscles, which provides you with more balance.

Resistance band programs offered by Kettlebell Kings 

Kettlebell Kings currently offers two full-body resistance band workout plans. Band Shred fat loss workout plan is the best if you are looking to lose that extra pounds of your body using a resistance band. You can also get Anywhere Athlete, which is a program designed to provide you with a complete body workout with a resistance band, which can be done almost anywhere.

FAQ: Resistance Band Workouts

If you are looking to lose weight, then you should join the band shred program or you can select anywhere athlete resistance band training for an overall workout of your body.

Yes, in fact, they work much better than weight training as they have less chance of injury and better chances of increasing muscle strength.

Ideally, a beginner can do a repetition of 15 in each set, with a maximum set of 3-4. Then it can gradually increase with time.

Yes, It works just like weight training programs and helps add resistance on your muscles while working out.