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Best Battle Rope Workouts and Training Programs by Kettlebell Kings

If you are currently working out in a gym or have watched a few videos of gyms on social media, you must see people working out with a battle rope.

Battle rope workouts are one of the most popular gym exercises right now as they help you build muscle while increasing your stamina at the same time.

The battle ropes exercises are very dynamic and powerful fitness workouts, which can help you to overhaul your conditioning. Battle ropes are thick and heavy and can be used in various ways to improve your muscle strength, increase cardiorespiratory fitness and also enhancing your athletic performance. If you are really interested in doing and learning the complete workout regime, then you can enrol for a battle rope program and start training rope workouts.

What are the battle rope workout benefits?

When it comes to battle rope exercise benefits, there are many. It is one of the few fitness equipments that can be used to do a complete body workout while increasing your stamina by a great amount.

Provides a full-body workout

A battle rope workout targets almost every muscle group in your body based on the stance and way you are working out with it. Good battle rope workouts help you to target your abdomens, shoulders, arms, upper and lower back, lower body and more. You can also use it for a specific body part as well but change your swing and stance. Swinging the rope with both arms can help you train your back, legs, arms, and obliques at the same time.

Cardiorespiratory fitness

It has been found that by using rope workouts, one can also improve cardiovascular fitness. During your battle rope workout, the heart will quickly pump the blood to the working muscles, with just a 10 minutes session. It also increased your heart rate, which is classified as vigorous activity. One of the biggest battle rope exercises benefits is that it can burn a high amount of calories in the least amount of time.

Athletic performance

Doing heavy rope workouts would also enhance your athletic performance. Since it targets both cardio and muscle strength, you will notice a great improvement in overall stamina and muscle strength. It would also increase core endurance and arm movements.

Low Impact

One of the major benefits of training rope workouts is that it can be done by people who are more prone to injuries from workouts. It just requires your feet to be planted on the floor and does not put a lot of pressure or strain on your body. Another great benefit is that is can also be done while sitting, which means that almost anyone can do it and increase their cardiorespiratory fitness.

5 battle rope workouts for daily training 

Joining a battle rope training program is one of the best ways to understand and do different types of battlerope exercises. However, if you have just started or are trying to do training rope workouts at home, then these exercises will definitely provide you with great results.

Bilateral Waves

One of the most commonly done battle rope workouts is bilateral waves. You simply need to stand with the knees a little bent. The feet should be hip-width apart and hold a rope in each hand. Bring your shoulders back and engage your core. Swing both the ropes up to shoulder height at the same time and then swing them back down like a wave. You can do this movement for 30 seconds and repeat it after a 30 seconds break.

Unilateral waves

This is another rope workout, which is similar to bilateral waves, with the only difference being that you do not need to swing both arms together. Simply get into the same posture and swing only one arm up. While the arms go down, swing the rope in the other arms in an upwards position. The ropes should be opposite to each other in movement. Do it for 30 seconds and repeat again after a 30-minute break.

Rope Slams

This is among the best and most good battle rope workouts, as it requires more power and stamina to do. Get into the same position as Bilateral Waves and hold ropes in both hands. Now pull both the ropes up to your shoulder height and slam the ropes as hard as you can on th floor. Immediately reverse the movement bringing the ropes up and then slam the ropes with all the power on the floor. You can do it for 30 seconds and repeat again after a 30 seconds break.

Alternating wide circles

The exercise is very similar to Unilateral Waves, but the movement of the rope will be different. Get into the same posture and with your right hand, swing the rope on the side in a circular form. As the rope return to the starting position, do the same with the left hand. Do the same for 30 seconds and then repeat again after a 30-second rest.

Jumping slams

The exercise is a variation of Rope Slams but is a lot more effective and Intense. It is one of the most effort-taking battle rope workouts that you will be doing. However, the results from this exercise are best. Simple get into the same position as Rope Slams and lower into a squat position.

Now extend your legs and jump into the air, while taking the ropes as high as you can. While you land back, descend into a squat position and slam the ropes as hard as you can on the floor. The exercise needs to be done for 30 seconds, which can be repeated again with a 30 seconds break.

What is the recommended battle rope workout for beginners?

If you are a beginner, then the three workouts mentioned above can be great for you initially. Bilateral Waves, Unilateral Waves and Rope slams are a great way to start your battle rope workout. It will provide you with a great start and will also help in improving your stamina and muscle strength.

Battle Rope programs offered by Kettlebell Kings 

If you really want to reach the next level of fitness with battle rope workouts, then it will be best for you to join the battle rope training program offered by Kettlebell Kings. You can either opt for the Battle ropes fundamental course and then go for a virtual rope battle certification. It will not only help you with the basics of battle rope work but will also train you to be the best with it. There are also other courses which will help you become an expert while using battle ropes.

FAQ: Battle Ropes

The Battle ropes fundamental course is the best training course for you to understand all the basics about working out with battle ropes.

Yes, it is a great way of exercising, which improves your overall body strength, and stamina and also helps to burn more calories in the shortest period of time.

Each type of workout should be divided into 30 seconds sets. There should be 3-4 sets of each exercise which can be done for 30 seconds, with a 30-second break in between sets.

Yes, since it helps to increase the heart rate almost immediately and is also great for cardiorespiratory health, it helps to burn more calories. Also, each battle rope workout needs you to engage the core, which helps in reducing belly fat.

Arms, Core, lower back, legs, hips, shoulder, arms and a lot more. Battle rope workouts affect the overall body during the workout.