What Makes The Best Competition Kettlebell?

What Makes The Best Competition Kettlebell?

What Makes The Best Competition Kettlebell?

Did you know that Russian farmers developed kettlebell in 1700? It was an instrument originally used to weigh crops, but later used it as a training tool by the Soviet Army.

Dumbbells and Barbells have long been a staple for training programs. However, kettlebells have gained popularity in recent years. You can get started on a kettlebell routine without spending much on other gym equipment. With just one kettlebell you can replace almost an entire home gym. Kettlebells are great for building muscle as well as for cardio exercises.

Kettlebells also increase the body strength of an individual. Their distinctive shape and off-center weight force you to use muscles used every day in for real-life activities. These further help in building up the speed and the strength level all at the same time. Moreover, it is a time-saver in hectic schedules as you can perform quick workouts of intense combining cardio and strength.

  • Kettlebell Pood - What Is It?

Categorizing kettlebells might seem confusing at first as they are available in different sizes, paints, materials and colors. This leads to your first dilemma, “How do I choose the best one?”. Though kettlebell color won’t help you to choose one for effective results, the size or weight will. You might have heard the term ‘kettlebell pood’.

Well, pood is a measuring unit originated from Russia. It is around 16.38 kilogram. Thus a one pood kettlebell is 16 kilograms or about 35 pounds. For two poods, the standard kettlebell weights closest would be 32 Kilogram Kettlebell respectively.

There are some very general guidelines for which weight you should start with. Though it is hard to say without knowing you personally. For many years the recommendations for which weights to use have been something like the following. For a woman, start with a 6 or 8kg kettlebell. This is recommended for a woman who is just starting and has not been doing any much weight training. For a male beginner, starting can be with a 10 or 12kg kettlebell. If you are going to use the kettlebell for leg or full body exercises than for men, weight can be around 16kg, and for women, a weight of 12kg works well. Again, these are generic recommendations without knowing you personally, but where most would recommend to start. An average, active person can start with the heavier weights in those ranges between 16kg/35 lb. to 24kg/53 lb. While the lighter weights for those who are just getting into workouts. Those folks presently should consider starting with a 6kg/13lb. to an 8 kg/18 lb. kettlebell.

An individual can witness outcomes with kettlebell within 30 days. Through a good diet and expert formed kettlebell training program, one can start to see improvements in fat loss, cardio, muscle and strength.

Results Like:

  • Strength: The kettlebell challenges the body in multiple planes that improve functional strength. The kettlebell clean and press are excellent exercises for evolving strength.
  • Core Mixing: The ability to create a strong core without direct work is one of the biggest advantages of kettlebell training. This helps in building a stronger core that can result in lessening of back pain. Because the core is involved in any kettlebell movement, you are building a strong core while not necessarily focusing on it.
  • Cardio: Kettlebell training can be a big boost to the cardiovascular system as it includes exercises that challenge the heart and lungs in a short space of time. Nonstop kettlebell swings and ballistic exercises can impart metabolic changes.
  • Pain-free Flexibility: Some have observed reduction in joint pain and enhancement in joint mobility due to the multi-directional sequence one can perform with the help of the Kettlebell.

Competition Kettlebell

The major difference between most competition kettlebells is they are made of steel instead of cast iron like traditional kettlebells. You don’t have to jump into a competition right away if you use them. Steel is a more durable metal than iron, so they may hold up better over time and less susceptible to cracking in the metal.

Another difference is the design of these kettlebells compared to traditional kettlebells. Competition kettlebells should be the same size and dimension across different weights from the same provider while cast iron kettlebells will change in size and dimension depending on the weight. This guarantees that when doing kettlebell movements like kettlebell cleans the weight will rest at the same spot on your wrist, hands and forearm no matter which weight you use.

Depending on the weight of the kettlebell some people prefer cast iron kettlebells for two handed swings because they can have more space for this specific movement. However, it isn’t unbearable with competition kettlebells. Competition kettlebells when designed well, are designed for comfort during high repetition workouts.

What To Look For In A Kettlebell

To make this list, we broke every kettlebell based on 3 categories.


In terms of durability, there are multiple ways to cast kettlebells, and often a bell’s casting process will be associated with its long-term durability. A kettlebell that is made from one mold and containers no welding will be more durable. Believe it or not, kettlebells can break. Reduce this probability by getting a kettlebell made from a single cast.


In competition kettlebells, there are two main ways to make them. The first is by creating a steel shell of a specific weight and filling it with fillers like sawdust and ball bearings to achieve the desired weight. Makers of this style will adjust the proportion of sawdust and ball bearings to add more weight. The other option is solid steel molding. Imagine the shape of a kettlebell upside down in a hollow space. Then pour steel into that mold to fill it to the exact weight of the kettlebell. This way constructs competition kettlebells without fillers. This is a more durable and safe way to make kettlebells. The second method contains no fillers. This means they will not shift around and rattle over time which can affect the balance of the kettlebell and are therefore less safe.


Lastly, comes the price factor. Just like any product there are lower priced and higher priced kettlebells. For the most part, you do get what you pay for. Lower priced bells tend to have less durable paints, not as much time spent on smoothing and perfecting the surface or carry the same warranty. You are making an investment in yourself, so do not skimp on price.

Where to look at the best competition kettlebells:

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