Origins of the Russian Kettlebells

The original term for a Russian kettlebell was a girya and it was developed in the 1700s. Basically, this is a cast iron weight that resembles a cannonball with a handle. It was, and still is, used to perform exercises that combine cardio, strength, and flexibility. The Soviet army was known to use these as part of their military training programs. This is also the main tool used in the activity called “girevoy sport which is a lifting competition that has been taking place in Russian since the 1960s. This was the first instance we see of lifting becoming an organized sport in Russia although it had been an unofficial competition since long before that.

Girevoy Sport  uses two types of russian kettlebells-a single and a double, also called a “snatch” and a “jerk”. The basic goal of this sport is to life a set weight of russian kettlebell as many times as possible without resting. The goal for highest reps in a set time period is different from the olympic sports today with aim for the most weight a single person can life. Today, this sport is organized and run by the All-Russian Kettlebell Lifting Federation.

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