Kettlebell Cardio Workout

Kettlebell Cardio Workout


Are you looking to enhance your workout capacity, build endurance, and even drop some body fat? Then here’s the perfect workout for you.

All you need is a lightweight kettlebell and cycle through a bunch of exercises for a certain amount of time. What’s great about this type of workout is that allows you to work on specific exercises and not worry about weight or reps so much. It’s just about trying to get as many good reps as possible with a good form.


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Exercise #1: One-Arm Swing

Choose an arm, then do five reps of one-arm swings. Bring the kettlebell down for a second, switch arms, and hit another five reps.

Exercise #2: Jump Squat

Shake it out and bring the kettlebell up. Grab it by the handle and press those legs up in a jump, then bring the kettlebell back down to your ankles. Repeat five times.

Exercise #3: Two-hand Press

For the last exercise, all you need to do is hold the bell in one hand and grab it with the other, then press it up and bring it back down. Hit it five times.

Cycle through these exercises for 20 minutes and you’ll have a kettlebell cardio session done. If you feel like gradually increasing weight or reps for a bigger challenge, you can do so as well.

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